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1st Impressions: An Impressive Amount Of Suck

Darth Axeman


I've stayed away from PC gaming for centuries because of this kind of "fun".

I installed the DLL, wasted $4 on Billy Corgan, and installed about 15 Custom Files from this site.

Immediately RS 2014 started crashing. A lot.

Locking up, shutting down, forcing cold system reboots.

You name it.

Never happened before.

I cranked all the settings down on my Precision workstation and the crashing and hang ups are 95% gone.

Still more than before trying this site out.

Game looks sh!ttier though.


So I went in to set the latency for using this on my big screen vs the 17" laptop monitor.


No sound on that screen!

I can SEE the cursor moving and reaching the circle but with no sound?

Fecking hopeless.

THIS is the BEST bonus of having the misfortune of discovering this project...


That problem didn't exist either till trying this mistake.... I mean "project"....


As for the files? I downloaded the most popular files of each track, assuming them to be the best.

Not so much.

Maybe it's just my taste for distortion tones that don't sound like bees in an empty tin can...

Some are obviously made with low bit rate mp3's (whether they're stolen or just encoded by doofuses, I don't know), and those sound the worst.


All in all:

REALLY regretting the belief that I'd get to play some of my fave tunes with Rocksmith.

Rating out of 10:

1.5 (for effort)


PS: Running Win 7 Pro 64 bit with a couple CPUs running at 2.6, 12gb of memory, 1gb on an Nvidia card with 2 SSDs.

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Most downloads ≠ best quality.


If I release a pile of garbage for a new song that's popular, it's gonna get a lot of downloads. If JoeSchmo makes it 100x better, mine still has more downloads making it "better"


Tl;dr Don't take downloads as a rating.

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EABOD fanboy

What does that mean?


To OP.


I just installed it and have no issues. I am also using Win7 64bit, but ult version. The songs actually work fine and seem to match. Some of them I am friends with the musicians and I am asking them to verify and they seem legit. However, always check the comments with anything! Even official songs have bad charting sometimes, like some Queen songs. This is true for any music game because they want to have as minimal downtime as possible


(The Collector by NIN from Rock Band rings some bells where the guitar solo is just the keys at the end. Or TBRB where you're playing a cello on guitar for like 4 songs. Don't get me started with things like Project Diva, Guitar Hero, Gitadora (name the instrument version[which Dragon Force here is hilarious to play. I really recommend trying it out if you can just because of the chart making 0 sense sometimes for them]), Sound Voltex, IIDX, DDR, PIU, and many other ones I play)


I remember when RS:R came out and I had issues with CDLC then and it crashing but I waited until now to reinstall it and it works fine both offline and online. Even playing 2 guitars works. Why'd you waste $4 for a $2 song? Or why didn't you wait until a steam sale and get the whole thing for 50% off included the req DLC?


Does the game run fine without the DLL? You could have a bad install, sometimes happens. Try checking your file verification. I had this happen with Killer Is Dead and Let it Die even after reinstalling both 3 times they didn't work. Do a file verification and it worked fine after that. No clue why their installs are bad but verification helps a lot there.


Basically, what all have you tried before just writing the experience off? That's a very important thing to note.

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I would agree the content here is not inherently user friendly. 


You can't just download songs and play them. 

You have to use the song manager tool to repair everything first, to fix most of the serious problems. 

You will want to figure out how to use the song manager to edit the song and tone volume levels, because they are all over the place and it is a pain opening the mixer in game for every song. 


You pretty much have to be a good enough guitarist to play the songs at 100%, because few of the songs have had serious effort put into setting up the dynamic difficulty.   Which is understandable.  The people charting songs on their own time, don't want to spend a bunch of time setting up the DD, when they could be charting a new song. 


There are probably things that could be done if the community here wanted to make things easier for more users.  But, I doubt the community wants to.  The way it is now, custom songs are not a comparable alternative to official songs for most people.  If they were, Ubisoft would do more to prevent people from using custom songs.  Nobody here wants that to happen. 







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