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  1. Unfortunately converting them is an issue. For some reason people donating to themselves is now banned. So, all the ones I get on mobile are just going to waste. It's okay. I will keep the ads on.
  2. Hi, I'd like to donate but unfortunately can't.I make sure to not ad block on here too. So, I was wondering if there was a way I could donate my BAT coins to customs. Right now I get about 1-2 of them a month and they are worth pennies, I think $.17 at that time of this post, but I'd just like to be able to donate something to this site. If not it is okay I'll just continue to click on ads.
  3. I will use the repeater and go at it for a hour until I have memorized it, daily. Then play it without looking and keep going. Then move on to the next part after I 90-100% it without looking reliably from a cold start and add in the previous part here and there so I don't forget. But I will play the song like a normal rhythm game the first few times I play it to see if A the song is fun the play and B to see if I am ready to play it yet. Letting DD be the judge of everything. Originally I did just this way and was learning songs by playing them whole non-stop. However, I have found using th
  4. What does that mean? To OP. I just installed it and have no issues. I am also using Win7 64bit, but ult version. The songs actually work fine and seem to match. Some of them I am friends with the musicians and I am asking them to verify and they seem legit. However, always check the comments with anything! Even official songs have bad charting sometimes, like some Queen songs. This is true for any music game because they want to have as minimal downtime as possible (The Collector by NIN from Rock Band rings some bells where the guitar solo is just the keys at the end. Or TBRB where you'r
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