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RSCS Player Level (XP)


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Well - i have been thinking about this and tweaking it for about three years and today we get something new...


Over the last years we got the weekly leaderboard, the 10-week leaderboard and awards all fine - we do have a great competition with good ruling.


What i felt and feel is missing is something that easily shows

1) the progress for oneself

2) more objectively then the 10w-leaderboard show how good a player is - what´s that players level in bass? or lead?


We are all here to progress - and what i wanted is something to show the actual XP Level of any participating player in any path.

Independently from how many people are competing in his class and how strong that competition is (which vastly will effect his rank in his class)


So i wanted a system like in any RPG or alike where a players level can be seen by one number.


Luckywise our man @meelo caught the idea and (- as my coding is - lets put it that way - if i ever will make a videogame - the hero is likely to be missing limbs -) he jumped right in and arranged all the fancy data - gathering scripting stuff in like no time, helped testing and gave a lot of input too - THX M8 :tropical_drink: !!!!!




Here is RSCS Player Level (XP)

It´s a score from 1-(potentially 100) where 50 means you can about master a song rated 5 with 100% or get about 85% on a 6er..

or... someone who reaches the level close to 30 will be able to compete in INT and might wanna level up

or... the absolte guitar god who would have scored 99 on 3 GOG (10) songs in 12 weeks (and has no lower MC scores) would be level 99


I have tested the system extensively with many players data - and it works damn fine by now.


How is it calculated?

It takes all scores from top rated songs of players class (3/5/7/8 and 9 for MC) and the class aboves scores (here any diff rating) multiplied by the accuracy achieved - and that is averaged over the last 12 weeks without max and min score - so potential wrongly rated songs or single poor performances for any reasons won´t distort the level.

At least 3 counting scores in the last 12 weeks are needed.

It will be updated every week.


Plus you can see improvement calculated against the gene years down to week 46, where the CS we new know started with 4 classe and diff ratings for each path (v3.0) and we will have the data all back since first week on CFCS soon.


It is beta stage by now´quite in final shape - so please everyone look into your data - check your opponents and be verbose about improvements!!!



Press thx if you like that.

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Oh dear, I'm a bit behind on the posting scores thing. I tend to DL the tracks each week if I like them and forget to do a screenshot :D... will put a bit of effort in the future, I have been slacking on twitch :)

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 Mortalo, on 11 Feb 2015 - 11:36 AM, said:

Ok, because of poor results and overall lack of skill @NoonyDeloony gets downgraded to Advanced. She would be forever remembered as shameful person... and then she'll make another charming video and we'll forget about that.

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/NoonyDeloony/videos

Twitching bass unskillfully, here: https://www.twitch.tv/noonydeloony


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@@Rodman and @@meelo The new player level is great. Cool algorithm. I like it alot.



Thx Mann! Yeah - it shows a lot of useful info. I was hit by the idea when i realised that when you start to play a song in RS - you first have a few sightreads, and when you keep playing without focusing after a couple of tries you very soon reach a plateau when you get the almost exact same score over and over - thats your level by then - from there you have to go RR certain parts or concentrate on a strumming part or try to improve other parts and you will improve. We see that with the scores every week.

When you will come back to the song 2 years later - the plateau will be somewhere else.

So from that point i knew we could bring the player level to numbers and tried to find correction factors for classes and different formulas to get the most "real" scores - as it turned out also here simple is best and by limiting the classes diff to highest+ a simple multiplication, and averaging with removal of extreme does the job well. As you might see there is a hard line between the classes - which results from the limit that players playing in there classes can only narrow their max level of 30 (diff3*100%) / 50 / 70 if they stick to their classes only. At first i was worried that that did bias the whole system - but thinking twice - no! it shows players that reach the upper part of their classes levelscale should dare to try also next classes songs - which are also taken into account for the XPcalc and will also easily show players when they can move up to next class.

Also i was worried that MC would be biased cause we had to allow 8 and 9 there because 9 is a rare species sometimes - but look at the scores - not a problem, and i think that will be even better when we implement GoG, cause we have players that are 90+ which cannot be shown right now!

If anyone sees any potential improvements - please reply or pm or whatever - we wanna as usual tweak that as much as possible.



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Working heavily those days to finalize this project, will be quite pretty.

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YAY... giant steps to final layout!!!


All paths are shown autosorted by actual level (12 weeks) and the next periods until the early years.




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spent another 50+hours the last few weeks to finalise XP-Level


So ... here we go... all the scores are there down tro week 46 (sept 2014) - the week we added advanced as 4th class and we started to do individual diff ratings for each path of each song to place them in the right class.
For all of you do see that the first time - this is a calculation of your Level of playing based on scores delivered on highest rated songs of your class and of songs of the next higher class, calculated not counting higest and lowest 10% to minimise bias. For the running xp the last 12 weeks are taken into account, at least 3 entrances needed, for the years obviously all 52 weeks will count.

Other as in the leaderboard - this is just you and the songs, independent of your opponents - showing your progress over time objectively.

Players are sorted by XP and for every year, as you see, nicely conditionally formatted.







Live version is always here


Any ideas for improvement, hit me.



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