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Cdlc not working, any ideas?



Ok windows 7, just bought the 2014 remaster because I want to play the game again

Want custom dlc

so I get the dll, put it in the folder

I buy Cherub Rock

Dlc is there, its in game

I get spider dance because it's the first song that comes to head that can't be mistaken for songs the game comes with.




Now the video showing what to do had their dlc in a folder, so I decided to take mine out and just put it in the normal area for it




I restart the game



I restart steam 




The dll is unblocked, however there was no dll to replace in the base folder, so i'm wondering if that's an issue.

Am I missing a step that should be obvious but I completely disregarded? 


Any help is appreciated.

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3d3x9_42.dll is in the proper folder as instructed. song  is in the folder as instructed.


i gt up t the point of tuning my bass. Pink Floyd -Another brick in the Wall part 2.


and that"s exaclly what is see. a brick wall.lol


speakers are there and i can play anything on the Bass. which is a good thing because I dont have an amp. !


Am I missing something?


thank you


I failed to say that I use 



Windows 10

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  • Developer

You can also use CFSM to automatically install the correct dll into the correct folder.  CFSM comes with the dll.

Are you tired of AV False Positives???  Now accepting donations on my website (Click Here)  Your donation will be used towards buying a code signing certificate.   CGT is now compatible and safe to use with Rocksmith® 2014 Remastered ... 


Latest Build of Custom Game Toolkit (CGT) w/ Game Save Gigbox       Latest Build of Rocksmith Toolkit       Latest Build of Customs Forge Song Manager (CFSM)


All bug reports and help requests please include your: OS, CPU, AV, .NET Framework versions along with a description of the issue (include screenshots of error if possible).  It should go without having to say ... make sure you are using the latest build before submitting bug reports or asking for help.


*  Remember to use your magic words (please and thank you) if you would like a response.  Don't use phrases like 'thanks anyhow' as it is demeaning.

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For anyone interested in what my issue apparently was, I was trying 1 custom song, this song happened to have been downloaded once a long time ago and once recently, I didn't notice, the (1) at the end of it caused the song to not be recognized


Now, with that said, I have a question for anyone who may know

Is there a list of characters that do now work with a rocksmith song name? 

Is it the case that if the name of the file changes in any way shape form it no longer loads? 


i'm interested in what can make a song not work, but I dont have the time to load up the game, try to find said songs, close and load it back up. 

It may be worth putting this in any faq for installing custom dlc to make sure the song name is un altered. 

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  • Administrator

@@alidan All character work but it's the order that matters, if the file doesn't end with _p.psarc when you are on PC, the file will not work ingame.

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