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Chord slide not appearing correctly


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Im trying to make it where 1D will slide up to 2D while 4G is sustained throughout the duration. I did some tests and I wasn't able to get the result I wanted. Here some tests I ran.


Standard Slide:






Standard Slide with 4G having Ghost status:






Standard Slide with 4G ghosted, adding linknext tech note:


EOF: eJU9oBD.png


RS2014: ywWEjTS.png


What am I doing wrong here?

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I would have thought something like this would work:


But it doesn't look like linknext is applying just to the note on the D string, instead applying to the entire chord:

      <notes count="3">
        <note time="1.520" string="2" fret="1" sustain="0.230" linkNext="1" slideTo="2" />
        <note time="1.751" string="2" fret="2" sustain="0.230" />
        <note time="1.751" string="3" fret="4" sustain="0.230" />
      <chords count="1">
        <chord time="1.290" chordId="0" linkNext="1" >
          <chordNote time="1.290" string="2" fret="1" sustain="0.230" />
          <chordNote time="1.290" string="3" fret="4" sustain="0.460" />

I don't recall if this behavior is intentional or if individual chordnotes can and should have linknext status. That approach also ends up with the chordnotes being different lengths, which Rocksmith doesn't really like.


I think this might be the best way to go:


Use the split status so it exports as single notes (so the limitation about chords with different length notes isn't an issue), and place a handshape phrase to make the game display the chord fingering:

    <chordTemplate chordName="" displayName="" finger2="1" finger3="4" fret2="1" fret3="4" />
      <notes count="4">
        <note time="1.290" string="2" fret="1" sustain="0.230" linkNext="1" />
        <note time="1.290" string="3" fret="4" sustain="0.691" />
        <note time="1.520" string="2" fret="1" sustain="0.231" linkNext="1" slideTo="2" />
        <note time="1.751" string="2" fret="2" sustain="0.230" />
        <handShape chordId="0" startTime="1.290" endTime="1.981"/>

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I was mistaken earlier, the linknext got applied correctly, but the chordnotes being different lengths is a more complicated problem. Using existing workarounds like the one I proposed (split status, manually defined handshape) or the chordify mechanism probably are the best options for now.

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Here's the chord slide off of Rise Against Paper Wings DLC(Rhythm arrangement):




iminashi thinks the chord doesn't look split, and I don't think Ubisoft has a Chordify-like feature. I could be wrong.

Check out my Released, WIP, and
Future CDLCs here(Ubisoft Style):
I)ark_Seph's Customs

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