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Drawing tablet recommendation needed





I am seeking some buying information about drawing tablets and pens. I would like to purchase an entry level wireless/wifi/Bluetooth (any variety of wireless is fine) drawing tablet and pen. I totally want the pen to have an eraser end which I have done some initial research and found out not all pens for drawing pads/tablets have an eraser end. I am not nor ever will be an artist or using this for business – it will only be for personal/hobby use. 


I plan on using it with basic programs like photo shop and maybe down the road illustrator if I can get comfortable enough with the programs. I want something inexpensive but again really want it to be wireless and the eraser end functionality is a must have. I would like to pay as far under $200 as possible. The research I have done has shown that the ones at a price point under $100 lack the eraser end is barely available (haven’t found one yet) and the wireless factor is available but not with a whole bunch of variety in models available. Important note is that I will be using it with a Windows 10 laptop. 


My friend recommended me a XP-PEN Star05 https://www.amazon.com/Star05-Wireless-Graphics-Painting-Battery-free/dp/B01MAZ5FDL ,does anyone know this brand .


Any advice is appreciated. Thank you.

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I can't name anything that'll suit your needs, but I will question them.


I have an Wacom Intuos 5 (now called pro) small tablet (https://www.amazon.com/Wacom-Intuos5-Touch-Tablet-PTH450/dp/B0076HMDQO).


The included stylus for these have an "eraser" end on them, but tbh, I've used it maybe 3 times. I just simply do not like the feel of the eraser end, I'd much rather use one of the side buttons to switch between drawing and erasing - it is so much quicker in use and is more intuitive than flipping the stylus over.


As for wireless - I bought and returned a fortnight later, the wireless accessory kit. Bluetooth simply does not have the latency values to match the better tablets. Perhaps if I hadn't been using the tablet for 18 months wired before buying the wireless kit it wouldn't have seemed like such a big deal, but I just couldn't come to grips with it when I went wireless. It just didn't "feel right". Like suddenly playing a game at 30fps after only playing games at 144fps for several months - it just feels wrong and stuttery.


Forget about wifi connected as an option. It's ok if you're using a wifi stylus to grab someones signatures - but literally anything more demanding than that is un-usable in the real world.


As for the XP-pen - I have no first hand experience with the brand so can't comment. It looks decent value for the money. The only thing I would question - is how easy to get are the replacement nibs? Does the brand have a variety of options for nibs? 


Wacom Pro ship with a few of each of their nib types and the feel between them all is very different. I quickly found I much prefer the feel of the black flex nibs - but I know users that can't stand these ones and will only use other nibs that I hate. The difference in feel the nib makes can not be understated and being able to swap them out is super useful.

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I've had the surface Pro 1 since it was brand new back in 2014.  I take it everywhere with me, and I always keep an hdmi cable, and my adapter with me.  I do this so I can make  ANY TV that has an HDMI plug in, my monoitor.  The only Tv's that don't are old shitbox TV's and I've only seen those still around in a few crap places lol.  Anyway I NEVER use my pen.  I guess I just don't need too.  But I still have it.  I was thought I'd chime in and let you know that it's what I play Rocksmith with, and on too!  I jsut turn down the visual settings, but like it matters anyway.  You wouldn't even notice if you were playing..  I love my surface.  I'll swear by it!  I most definitely love the face that it operates as a desktop and a tablet.  I never use tablet mode, but it's nice to have I guess.  Good luck buddy!  Cheers!

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