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Is this a bit early or not?


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I've been playing now for 3 years now and i only have a cheap amp (Marshall mg 10cf) and my 3 guitars. (and rocksmiht of course duh).


But something tells me that i might need to add something to these. Like pedals for example. I've kinda want to get a good overdrive pedal and a distortion one, but i'm not realy a gear geek sadly (don't know much about gears).


I also have a feeling that it's not necessary yet, because i don't have a band to play with and that's the other thing that bothers me. I've already written down more than 20 riffs for song ideas and don't have people to share with them.

My Customs


The reasons why most of my customs are not updated yet:

1.)I'm lazy to do it because I have no motivation for it

2.)I'm not at my computer

3.)I'm working on a song that I haven't made it yet

4.)I don't have any song to work on it




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It's never too early.  You play guitar don't you - that's your hobby?  If you can afford it, go for it.


As for the band, I can't help you with that 'cos I'm at a similar stage.


/I've only been playing 3.5 years and I have 11 basses and a few amps... this happened because I stopped myself buying another one for so long... then the floodgates opened.


P.S. If you buy second hand gear, it doesn't actually lose much value, if you decide to sell it on. ;)

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I haven't even been playing a year yet, but I bought a few cheap pedals because I thought they'd be fun and my clean tone was a bit boring.  So for about a $75 I got 3 new pedals. A behringer compressor/sustainer, vintage tube overdrive and a vintage delay.  Feels much better to listen to while practicing.  They're not metal constructed and may not hold up to gigging, but they work great for me and seem like a good starting point.


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