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tab out of sync


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Hello everyone,

I am new to making cdlc  and have a problem.  i have imported the mp3 and tab file into EoF, but the music and tabs are not synced.  I only know of the select all method to move the tabs, is there a way to select everything that comes after a certain point?  Like if i wanted from bar 10 to the rest of the song.  


Basically every part is out of sync and I have to manually re position each phrase.


thanks for the help!

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Did you set the beat map first?


This is one of the first steps to do after you've imported the mp3.


Basically it involves going through the entire song and lining up the beat markers to match the song itself. There's a tutorial for this in the help & tutorial section.


If you're lucky, the song will already be perfectly synced (if they used a beatbox for example). But otherwise, tempo can vary a lot. It's easiest to line up the beats according to the snare drum, because it's the most visible. The snare is usually on the 2 and 4 beats.


Once you've set the beatmap, if the guitarpro file was tabbed properly, it will line up with the song.


For now, delete all the notes, make your beat map, then import the guitarpro file again. You can also switch to an empty track to work on the beat map there (if you've made a lot of changes to the notes, for example).

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Hey guys.  I'm new to the forum and started working on a custom after reading through the tutorials.  This was one of my first questions as well.  I found if you click the note and then press SHIFT+End, it will select all the notes after and including the note you first clicked.  Hope that helps!

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By doing that you are going to have a lot of problem since your beat map (the line on the background of EOF and Rocksmith) will be out of sync with the actual note and could lead to some major issue with Section and phrase (and DD) and creat some glitches for the hand position.

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My tip is to start the song in "media player" and then start the GP tab together with the song. Then it´s very easy to find the "perfect" beat and also hear if the notes are correct. Then import it to EOF.CTRL+A to select all notes. press beat - bpm change - set to correct BPM from GP file and "adjust notes". Then line up first note and just move grey beat markers whenever it gets a bit out of synch (creating auto anchers)


Thats how I do it. Quick & easy I think :)

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