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Guitar tone switches to clean and won't go back, what do I do?

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I don't recall this ever happening in the past, but the past day I've been experiencing tone problems. The tone is the usual distorted one when the game starts, but once I start up a song... it goes clean. I have tones saved on my keyboard, and even when changing those it's still clean. The only way to fix it is to restart the game, and when I do the tone might stay for a song or two; that's it though.


Is there a fix for this? Would CDLC be an issue?

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My guess is its a specific CDLC causing the tone crash. This has been my experience in the past with some CDLC, if I restart and try the same song it crashes again, once I have the song narrowed down there is a fix.


There are a few threads about tone crashing here is the fix I use :


"Open the rocksmith toolkit> import package> saved the folder to my desktop> Generate> save the new .psarc file to my DLC folder (manually removed old .psac first) Done."



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Go to your dlc folder.  Right click somewhere inside it (not on a file) and sort by date.  Go through and delete the ones either individually you've recently downloaded, or what I do when this happens.   Is I just delete the one I think it is.  Typically you'll have played a few of your recent downloaded songs, so you'll know it isn't those files.  Just delete the others, and then 

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This Bug is killing me does anyone have any idea how to fix this. I have deleted everything Re-Installed Rocksmith not running any CDLC still does it. PC is over spec for game checked all updates still does it killing me.

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does uninstalling it keep save data?, just a guess but trying a new save profile might work but I haven't tested so might not do anything. Could be an issue with audio devices/drivers or audio buffer size which I think can be changed in Rocksmith.ini.

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