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XML import options from GPA


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Apologies in advance if these things are already possible and I'm just too stupid to have found where the options are, but;


Go Play Along is fairly convenient for getting a quick sync and importing into EOF - but GPA has an annoying habit of making mid measure anchored beats.


Is there any way to easily select all beats that are not the first beat of a measure and un-anchor them?


Alternatively - an option during GPA import to not have ANY of the beats as auto anchored? In the correct place / bpm changes are ok, but the anchors are not strictly necessary (please correct me if I'm wrong).


Also; GPA has another habit of syncing to the spikes on a track(as shown on the GPA waveform - it doesn't display the same way as the waveform within EOF), not the start of the note/beat - meaning the entire sync can potentially be off by 60-80 ms. Is there any way to select an entire track once imported (with or without anchors) and move everything by X amount? I've been getting around it by adding a leading silence and not moving the notes/beats to match with it but being able to select everything and drag would be much more convenient. 


Dropbox link to an example of GPA sync files - https://www.dropbox.com/sh/3z4kb2vc70udoqy/AAADnEYc5tC9htI7KIWuHfCVa?dl=0

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@@ZagatoZee about moving entire song just make sure you've got set flag for move notes and chords if bpm changes and align first beatmarker of the fong it will be like offset to start from so no leading silence reqiured

Also you shouldn't worry about anchors, I guess eof during suppress redundant anyways?
but If i sync by hands in  eof I may go for base value and then anchor to correct bpm, then select beat and reset bpm from selected beat, a bit of pain in the ass but I get used to already :)

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The sync could definitely use some work beyond moving the first beat marker. Most of the beats looked to be anywhere between 40-60ms off when comparing to EOF's waveform graph, but the last beat of measure 8 is synced just about perfectly and is what you want to go for as far as syncing the other beats.



I don't have GPA to try it myself, but I would be skeptical that their waveform graph shows this to be accurately synced. Maybe if it lets you zoom in it would show it more accurately. If the graph still doesn't show sync issues, can you provide some screen shots?


I wouldn't recommend deleting anchors that don't happen to be the first beat of a measure, all this does is limit how accurate your chart can be. Commercially made charts for games like Rock Band often would have tempo changes on several consecutive beats whenever the audio recording warranted it.

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@@raynebc I understand that zagatozee wants less anchor to be imported to be able to more easily adjust thing himself afterwards when he needs to so the fact EOF have already tons of anchor makes adjustment a lot more tedious to make than if there were fewer anchor.

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