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Can you imagine playing guitar like this? (Jeff Healey Inside)



https://youtu.be/fWB0RnxRHOg How has this not been uploaded to cdlc?  Someone get this **** up there on ignition already!  lol!


Anyway this song is from the movie Roadhouse with Patrick Swayze!  Pretty much what made Jeff Healey grow  popular from what I remember.  Anyway


I have enough of a hard time playing if my guitar isn't set up perfect!  (I do my own set ups)  Have any of you tried to pick, or playing like this????  And I'm curious... How do you play with your teeth?  lol I'm not interested in doing that!  I just wondered how Hendrix, and Healey both did it without it hurting like hell on their teeth, or cutting their damn gums up lol!  Anyway, feedback!  Let's hear it!

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Pretty Impressive, but he looks like an idiot, and would look way cooler playing the guitar standing up correctly. A guitarist as proficient as Dimebag Darrel could easily play what Jeff did in that video, and he could play it normally on the guitar and jump around stage the whole time he did it, piss drunk.


Also your video reminded of the style of playing the slide guitar like the great legendary David Gilmour.


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@DegoLocc Jeff Healey is blind, so you'll have to excuse him from jumping around the stage. He could trip and fall.  :P

:DDegoLocc lmfao!!!   You seriously didn't know that Jeff was blind did you?  Hahahaha!  someone UPLOAD WHEN THE NIGHT COMES FALLING!


Nope, can't say I did, lol. I just thought he was trying to be "hip" and start a new trend that never took off, haha.

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