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Confirm or debunk my guess about CDLC



Since ive started learning and downloading Custom DLC ive seen many that unlike official DLC ive found them being almost unplayable. As im only an apprentice thats far from enough to be an argument. But being musically illiterate since then i ask myself:


1. Are there usually more than one way to produce the same sound and hence a song may be played by two people using different hand positions and still sound exactly the same.


2. By any chance are sometimes CDLC made using some kind of music software that translates the sound to Rocksmith notes in such a way that the computer machine translated outcome may not be by any means playable or barely playable.


Let say, if there is a CDLC and then Rocksmith officially release that same song as a DLC, will the notes position be exactly the same, or it may be different and more polished and playable (i know they try to mimick the original playing but you know what i mean).

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But being musically illiterate...

You need to remember, a lot of new charters are the same. Probably why they started using Rocksmith.


1. Yes. The same note can be found on different strings and positions. Same works for chords etc.


2. No. Tabs usually come from UltimateGuitar, which are also not always that great, or are done by ear.


Ubisoft use pro musicians, techs, etc. and the official DLC goes through a proper quality control process before release, unlike a lot of the custom songs found here (unless it's a Muse song).

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Even if tabs aren't generated by algorithm, it doesn't mean that some aren't technically impossible or doesn't make sense from a player point of view and sadly, 99% of the CDLC are just importing the tab and doesn't do more than that when that's barely 50% of the work for proper DLC creation.


I don't recall when was the last time i didn't changed a tab that i found on the internet to fit what the player were actually doing...

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the notes and chords of cdlc vs dlc will be very much different, however they will sound generally the same since they're pretty much done by ear, so for example if lets say the dlc says from 3 slide to 5, while the cdlc says from 3 hammer on 5, now both give the same notes to play but are played differently while a cdlc charter may hear it in that way, the official person trained for years would year the other way, now thats my best case scenario, worst case is the 2 different people hear different things.


I myself admit to not knowing how to hell to read music sheets, don't ask me whats a half beat or transposing, that being said if you listen to the lana del rey songs i did, those were done 90 percent by ear, and i feel its pretty accurate.


It pretty much how people.............understand what they hear. As much as a cdlc could be bad or off here and there, i wouldnt complain about it cause a person has taken time out of their day to make it, and it is time consuming, so its best to appreciate what we get, better than nothing.

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If you want professional done dlc, stick with the ones RS sells. Although, some trackers here are very close to pro quality.


I went through the process of creating a couple of songs but haven't released them yet since I am still working on fine tuning.. Let me tell you, it is not as easy as load the score, load the mp3, export, done. There is a lot of adjusting and a lot of processing involved.

Some songs are done better than others, but I am not complaining, since I found a lot of songs on here that may never get released on RS.


Edit: I just have to add that I just recently got into the CDLC world. Prior to that I started with RS, the original, way back when it came out, on my x360. I upgraded to xOne, then got 2014, then Remastered. I bought it again for PC in order to be able to download CDLC's. I must say, RS is way more responsive on the PC compared to the xOne!

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