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Crowd events


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The crowd events that you can place in EOF didn't seem to match the way they are used in ODLC so I tried to find out how exactly they work.



E3, D3, E13


E3: Start ovation/applause.

D3: Same as E3, except depends on your performance. Miss all the notes and nothing will happen.

E13: End applause gradually. Used after both E3 and D3.


In ODLC, E3 is often used very early in the song. In RS1 this works, but in RS2014 the venue takes a long time to appear and often you cannot actually see the crowd applauding. D3 is used at the end of a song.


Apparently you cannot use E3 more than once per arrangement (and I assume the same is true for D3).



e0, e1, e2


These control the crowd excitement type/speed.


e0: Waving hands side to side slowly.

e1: Hands in the air, jumping around.

e2: Similar to e1, but faster?


The game defaults to 1, but in RS2014 one of these is always used at the first beat of an arrangement.


Can be used multiple times in a song. For example, a song might start with e2, switch to e0 in a quiet part, then switch back to e2.
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As a matter of fact, I did come across some events that only appear in DLC, not in any on-disc songs.


Here are the event codes:








My guess would be that they don't actually do anything.  :)

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Well, I took a peek into the game's executable and found this list:


Play_VR_Start_0 E2
Play_VR_Start_1 A2
Play_VR_Start_2 D2
Play_VR_Start_3 G2
Stop_VR E12
Play_GenericCheer_0 E0
Play_GenericCheer_1 A0
Play_GenericCheer_2 D0
Play_GenericCheer_3 G0
Play_ShoutOut_0 E1
Play_ShoutOut_1 A1
Play_ShoutOut_2 D1
Play_ShoutOut_3 G1
Play_Ambience_0 E4
Play_Ambience_1 A4
Play_Ambience_2 D4
Play_Ambience_3 G4
Stop_Ambience_CT    E14
E3  Play_CrowdBookEnds_Start_1
A3  Play_CrowdBookEnds_Start_2
D3  Play_CrowdBookEnds_Start_3
Play_Misc1_0    E5  
Play_Misc1_1    A5  
Play_Misc1_2    D5  
Play_Misc1_3    G5  
Play_Misc2_0    E6  
Play_Misc2_1    A6  
Play_Misc2_2    D6  
Play_Misc2_3    G6  
Play_Misc3_0    E7  
Play_Misc3_1    A7  
Play_Misc3_2    D7  
Play_Misc3_3    G7  
Play_Misc4_0    E8  
Play_Misc4_1    A8  
Play_Misc4_2    D8  
Play_Misc4_3    G8  
Play_InGame_Click   B1  
Play_InGame_Click_Accent    B0
I tested some of them. E0-G0 seem to be a short applause that ends automatically (some might check for accuracy like D3). A3 and G3 also work and start an applause that E13 ends.
Ambience is likely for the loft (main menu). The shoutouts didn't seem to do anything.
Also, looks like E3 can be used multiple times in a song after all. Dunno why it didn't seem to work when I last tested it.
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