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Just posted my updated version of A Day To Remember - Holdin it Down For The Underground, and i need YOU to help me test :) Its simple, just download from here -----BOOMhttp://customsforge.com/page/customsforge_rs_2014_cdlc.html/_/pc-enabled-rs-2014-cdlc/holdin-it-down-for-the-underground-r2425I need both Guitar/Rhythm parts tested as i no longer have my guitar (R.I.P) Also looking for someone who wants to team up and tackle tones on those parts (again i can only do bass tones). 


Thanks for all the support. ROCK ON!!!-Dat

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I only played the lead part.  It was done very well and I enjoyed it, thanks.  The only problem I saw was the notes are all lagging the beat markers by a very small but noticeable amount.  A grid snap would fix this, but you'd have to update the beat map a tiny bit.  And it would mess with all the other arrangements too.


These guys just had official DLC come out.  If the songs have a similar tone, I'd copy that

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@@Rockfirstlast Where did you start noticing the lag on the beat markers? Did it last for the whole duration of the song (Go out of sync in one spot/stay in sync in others/or once out of sync stayed out of sync) I was going to copy over from there DLC, i just haven't purchased it yet -_- lol

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I checked it out.  Did you sync by dragging the notes?

I did, thats before i found out about grid snap and all that jazz lol. The new song im doing is following the grid snap, beat marker dragging ect. That song and Beelzeboss i did by dragging notes...I was a noob. Now i'm finally understanding everything lol.

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I'd leave the sync be.


Add a tone and everything should be good.  Looking at a youtube video the amps LOOK like a Cali-100 with a CA-412 cabinet, though I couldn't tell what EQ or pedals they use.

Alright, i'll look up some videos and try to figure out the sound to it. If you're up for another test i'm about to upload Lead/Rhythm for Summer of 69' 


Thanks for all the help Rock!!

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