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Visual glitch in chords self-made CDLC



Hello, I recently tried my hand in making my own CDLC. However, I've ran into the problem - strings that are unused in chords are horribly artifacting/glitching, making the whole note highway unreadable. I've tried to regenerate it and redo it once again, but to no avail.


Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.


Screenshot of said glitch: https://puu.sh/usB3j/7f426bf2d9.jpg

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It looks like a typo in one of the chord definitions.  This definition:


<chordTemplate chordName=""        finger0= "1" finger1= "1" finger2= "3" finger3="-1" finger4="-1" finger5= "1" fret0= "1" fret1= "1" fret2= "3" fret3="-1" fret4="-1" fret5="-1"/>

incorrectly defines use of the index finger on the high E string even though the fret number for that string indicates the string isn't played.  EOF's error checking was automatically removing the fingering for the chord after it was automatically applied due to the fingering being invalid, which is why it was repeatedly saying that chord's fingering was undefined.  By editing the chordshapes.xml file and changing that definition so that finger5 equals -1 like the following:


<chordTemplate chordName=""        finger0= "1" finger1= "1" finger2= "3" finger3="-1" finger4="-1" finger5="-1" fret0= "1" fret1= "1" fret2= "3" fret3="-1" fret4="-1" fret5="-1"/>

The problem seemed to go away and EOF stopped complaining about the fingering for that chord.


I expect this is the cause of the problem in-game.  If you have time, please replace your chordshapes.xml file with this fixed one and let me know if the problem is indeed fixed:


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@@djsoundnr1 what version of EOF and the toolkit are you using? it would also be nice to be able to see the file you used to examine what can be wrong in it.

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@@raynebc Here is the uncorrupted .eof file: https://puu.sh/uul4t/3bf157577e.eof
File after "fixing" the incorrect finger information: https://puu.sh/uulcg/4e065f42a7.eof
One more info: this message prompts every time I'm trying to save the project - if you saved the project and applied the fix, then saved again, this prompt would appear again.

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