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Weird audio and video glitch



Using RS14 remastered on Steam.  A random glitch occurs playing some CDLC's (some of which happen in the tuner before the song even starts) where the audio completely cuts out.  Not just in the game, the entire system loses audio.  I also noticed that during this time where the audio is out, there's a video glitch that occurs where all animation, whether it be a video stored on the PC, a youtube video, a gif, etc plays in slow motion, like half speed.  The only thing that seems to restore the system is a reboot.  I searched around but couldn't find a similar problem.  Ideas?


Forgot to add I'm using Windows 10 x64


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I was just going to say "Have you tried switching it off and on again?" but you obviously have. :)


Could it be a memory issue?  Or a chip on one of your cards could have an issue? (I had a PC where the graphics card was burning out, it showed symptoms similar to yours before complete melt down a couple of days later). Have you tried running a virus check?  When you're running Rocksmith, what does your Windows resources thingamy doo-dah (can you tell I'm no expert?) show you in terms of programs running and % usage?


BTW My Macbook Air has been a bit laggy of late, and switching it off and on did resolve the issue, because I never normally switch it off - I just close the lid.  So there you go...  :lol:

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You might check in the taskmanager which process is up to 100% of CPU usage when this happens. If there's a programm, a background task or anything else using all your CPU everything else will slow down.

Other possible issues are driver bugs or hardware defects (as already mentioned by missis sumner).

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Have you purchased Cherub Rock by the Smashing Pumpkins and added the .DLL to the game folder (See here) if you have then we will need more info


what is the rest of your pc spec? 



hard disc (include% free space)

Graphics card please include - (driver version)

Power supply-  make and wattage (the make tends to be more important that wattage)

If the pc is not custom do you have a link

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