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Bandfuse Cable





after the new patch I thought I might be able  to use my Bandfuse cable finally in RS as a second cable for Multiplayer. I tried using it in microphone mode but volume was completely 100% all the time althougit was set to 17% in Wondows. Looks like it doesnt work in microphone mode.

Is there a know way to use it along with the new patch or some kind of no cable fix?

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Since my last working Realtone cable has given up the ghost over Xmas, I'd also be interested to know if a standard jack to USB cable such as this:




might work.


Have you tried turning your Windows setting down further and re-calibrating in-game?


There is also a setting in-game under Options, Audio Settings, Input Gain Override (I haven't tried it, yet). 


Out of interest, if you're using microphone input from USB, and move down to "Available inputs" in-game, what options do you have there?


(I'm currently using my Macbook Air with its inbuilt mic facing my amp - the note recognition sucks and I don't think my neighbours are going to put up with it too much longer. :D)

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I've just bought a generic guitar to USB lead from Maplin (£21.99).  It works, but I probably need to play with the settings a bit more.  The gain seems quite high when compared to the Realtone cable.



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So I bought a “compatible” cable online.  It’s a bandfuse.  I’ve had it for a year and a half and it’s never given me a problem.  As of 2 nights ago somethings different 2/16/22 and it no longer shows up as it should.  A lot of info got lost or changed.  I’m going to retrieve my actual rocksmith cable and see if that doesn’t reinstall the driver for it and maybe it will right itself.image.thumb.jpg.b95384c6f4fff82a6b9a3684bea0df02.jpg

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