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no scrolling fretboard


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To expand on Ray's answer, the camera only seems to work as desired when you're on a part of the song that's over one of the yellow lines that's displayed above the song (in the first image that's the entire song, as I think the last bit is always what's left over after your part ends). So the second song should have a functioning camera as soon as you get past the beginning of it.


Adding sections with phrases creates the segments of the yellow bar above the song. Adding dynamic difficulty levels (usually via DDC in the toolkit) then creates the purple "towers" that rise from the segments (but which aren't necessary for the camera to work).

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Just add sections and pharses  (intro,verse,chorus etc.) with "Shift+s" where whould be a section change and add fret hand positions to the guitar/bass part "Track->Rocksmith->Fret Hand Positions->List->Generate". If you see weird thing e.g: the first 2 open chords appers on the 7th fret and the rest is on the 2 or 3th fret then you should set the position manually while using the "set" option inside Fret Hand Positions and set the fret number.

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