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  1. same here. i format my mac and start brand new and it dosent work High Sierra on a macpro 5.1 if that can help
  2. do it suppose to support yosemite ? because it won't i stop leaning making cldc because i always need to be in PC if i can on mac i have 6 guitar pro book :D
  3. i have a bug on some cdlc the camera rest in place and dosent move with the note (do not get the higher fret) what can i do for that. i try to re-download and re-convert (pc to mac) thank
  4. thank i will contact ubi...but i rwill switch to yosemite. is the best i think...
  5. hi i recently bought a use macbook pro. on my macpro version(yosemite) is fine with all my dlc and cdlc ( i try to do not have 200 cdlc/dlc in my dlc forlder.) i did the same on my macbook pro(sierra). but its always crash after the tunning.... or i can play 1 song before it crash if i can finish it. and my trackpad won't click
  6. the title say anything i try to play yesterday but i can't after the update. does i need to make the same fix ? or i need to wait a new fix ? thank
  7. it's ok thank... it's because i run my osx and app from an ssd on a accelsior ( something like that) and my data is on a Hdd in a Hdd Bay
  8. It looks like you have non standard folders/path. You probably need to open RUN_PATCH_RS with TextEdit, and change the RS_PATH in there to match yours. i have check the path yesterday.... i was pretty sure it's the same.... but ill check back tonight thank
  9. i'm on 10.10.5 and it's not working its write
  10. thank i'm really busy since one week ill try that... but identiy have section and phase.... i will look if i had one at the start....
  11. i finish my first 2 cdlc everything work ¨fine¨ but my major problem is my fretboard in game do not scroll up or down http://i350.photobucket.com/albums/q424/michael_tremblay2/Capture%20drsquoecran%202016-10-22%20a%2021.13.16_zpsuefz4pbm.png http://i350.photobucket.com/albums/q424/michael_tremblay2/Capture%20drsquoecran%202016-10-20%20a%2020.46.22_zpskyfvnx3f.png
  12. why i do not have the real part guitar files ? i follow this tutorial http://customsforge.com/topic/1922-how-to-make-pc-cdlcs-for-rocksmith-2014-tutorial-wscreenshots-by-darjusz/ step by step and the 3 shot before i follow other tutorial but i have the same issue... no real part guitar files thank http://i350.photobucket.com/albums/q424/michael_tremblay2/Capture_zpszqa8lsix.jpg
  13. thank it's really help me for leanr something ;) but still have a problem
  14. Thank i will read thoses tonight after work But can someone tell me Where i export the PART REAL_GUITAR_22.xml For the toolkit ? I have nothing in the folder i save my project And i do not have it in my computer
  15. So no one can tell me how to pack a song now ? Thank
  16. hi i know i ask many question. but... we all start somewhere... i ¨ready" to pack my first song but i'm lost a little bit. i ask a question about WWise and someone tell me i do not need it with the latest version of toolkit... but i do not found where the .xml file is suppose to bo located..... in tone where i can found it ? ( i have create few tone in rocksmith....) and how i asing each tone to each section ? DLC key i write the DLC number ? for smashing punkins ? if someone can help me in french it will be a way better for me thank
  17. cool thank the tutorial i follow is old i think
  18. hi the title tell everything i install wwise and it crash each time i click for create the new project.... something to do (ecept unintall and re-instal . i alreadu did this. instal without the SDk C++ module ?
  19. thank for the answer i think i didnt use the good word sorry i'm not speaking english... i read and watch some tutorial for making CDLC... and i read all the tutorial section in EOF but no one talk about my problem i need to relocated all the track to fit with the BPM bar..... .8 sec exatly and on the second one i need to relocated all the guitar pro note 3.5 second later thank
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