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CDLC Toolkit not working

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I'm having fits trying to get this rocksmithtoolkitgui.exe past Norton.  As soon as I did, (which i have to do again and again) it's putting a folder named after the song instead of the .pparsec file into the Rocksmith DLC folder.


I've been working this issue all day.  The unpacker used to just ask for me to click on a file, and it would just come up with "AppID Updated" real quick. Am I using the right program or what?


I had to rebuild my PC with a new motherboard.

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Okee doke....


So I unzipped the file, then

  • Click "rocksmithtoolkitgui.exe" and Norton flags it.
  • I tell Norton to pound sand, and trust it.
  • Go back in to the toolkit and it forces me to configure it.
  • The only thing I do is point the Rocksmith 2014 path to the correct path - \steam\steamapps/common/Rocksmith2014
  • Put the D3DX9.DLL correctly named into the Rocksmith root folder and it didn't work so I put it in the DLC folder no go either.
  • When unpacking the p.parsec file, I choose "Repack AppID" confirming I'm using Cherub Rock.


Somewhere in there I'm missing something but I'm sick as a dog and don't want to deal with it anymore.  Been at it for a while.

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I have no issue at all with the stable build so i have no clue why something would go wrong for you... Sorry but right now, it only seems like it's the AV that is conflicting with the toolkit which i never experience (i don't user Norton but Avast free).

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I got it past that point, but now when I unpack, or rather "Repack AppID" it goes through the motions like the old build, but it's not in my list of songs.  It doesn't put it in the folder I specified in the configuration.


Do all the steps I've put in check out?

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