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My nightmare has become a reality..

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So my worst nightmare about playing bass has became a reality.. I AM FORGETTING HOW TO PLAY SONGS!!!


So in the last few weeks I have been practicing 2 songs more then others for my Solo performance for school. Now that 1/2 has been done, I have come to realize I cant play as many songs off heart as I once could.


Anybody got some help for me???



Also, I know there is bass for Goodbye Blue Sky by Pink Floyd but I cant find a decent tab.. any help there please?





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Congratz, you've find out you're human! You will forget things if you don't work on it again and there's no secret there, either you keep on working the song you want to remember or accept that you'll forget them. Note that it will be easier to remember them if you have something to trigger back the memory though so it's not totally a waste of time.

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Firekorn's workshop
In Flames Discography


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Well they are much easier to learn the second time around. At some point I had learned too many to play every day so I play my favorites and rotate the rest.

My Youtube channel is basically a list of Rocksmith's easiest songs because those are the only ones I can play.  :P


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It's an unfortunate side effect of learning a lot of songs. It gets really bad when you get to the point I have, where I have forgotten how to play songs I wrote. I put the guitar down for a few years and seriously, I forgot one of the songs I had written. I know it wasn't very difficult and it was probably the quickest I had ever written a complete song, it just fell into place. But for the life of me,, I can't remember the damn thing. I know I had recorded it, but my ex-wife had apparently recorded over it. It's gone, . But yeah, you will forget songs. This is why bands that have been playing songs for 20 years still rehearse the old stuff.

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If you're learning those songs with RS, you probably relied on the game too much when you forget some parts, or even a note of a song.


Even if you've remembered them perfectly, don't look at the screen. When you look at it, you brain becomes lazy because you know RS will tell you what note to play next.


RS is fun to learn songs with, only if you do it correctly. Forgetting what you've learned in RS is something very easy to happen because of this.

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