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A Unexpected Problem With CDLC



This morning I wanted to check out what did songs community created. And when I clicked CDLC ( I downloaded 200 songs from this site I knew how to use it properly.) site telled me sign in again, again and again. What should I do?

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use Opera, no problems here

Backup CDLC link ^^ - should list even the ones that got removed for inactive links...
just restored my ability to login again, so will try to slowly resubmit the missing ones...
and hoping to make a small come-back with some new CDLC ideas...

YAMAHA 4-String 24 Frets - D Standard -> C Standard & D Drop C...

ASHTON - 4-String 21 Frets, E Standard, Drop D, Half-Step Down (Nirvana)...

Phoenix? - BASS 21-22 Frets? - 4-in-line Headstock...

Les Paul Special II - Guitar 

After-market Tremolo Bridge + head-stock locking nut thingys --- Free 1994-ish Guitar =   🙂

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Please bring back the old search -what kind of security issues were these?Ignition is so hard to handle...

I cant log in... or get signed out immediately

i have to close and restart the browser to make a new search because for some reason after I deleted what i searched before and type in something new it wont search for it....

i cant't  filter for artist, albums or creators directly....  If i filter for an album by going over these new pop-up windows it only shows records with the exact same writing so I cant see records that may have the album name somehow different.... in the old search this seemed to work

It only displays two columns on my mobile phone(I can't zoom in or out).....
If i want to go back from this new pop-up windows on my mobile phone it goes back too far so Im on my homescreen....

I tried to find info here in the forums but for some reason there are only like 4 topics....

It might be a stupid sentence but i think "Never change a running system" sums up what I experienced the last days on this site.... I sorry to says this... I loved this site and all what it provided..It was my first go to website every day.... I donated money because I wanted to say thanks and help out.

There were some minor problems like comments that wont post... but instead of fixing this you put all the work into Ignition? Was there like a poll and people said Im unhappy with the search, please make something new?

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