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Two cdlc packages will not work together, only one of them

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I have created two packages. I wanted an audio track with and without lead guitar, so I found a backing track I wanted to use in the second package. I have generated all the files I need for Custom Song Creator and used 2 different *.wem files for each package. In the song creator I generate one package, replace wem file with the new one and change the song names and generate another package, so that the arrangements and other files are same in both packages. Now each package works fine when adding it into Rocksmith DLC folder separately but when having both in the DLC folder, only one package appears in the song list. Package A is listed only if package B is removed from the DLC folder, they are never there both.

I thought that changing the DLC name or Song title in the song information will help but it does not work for it.

These are the two packages which won't work together:



Can someone check and advise, please?

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  • Developer

I changed the DLC keys to "JSAwMAwY" (from "joe-satriani-always-with-me-always-with-you") and "JSAwMAwYbacking" (from "awyawm-backing") and regenerated them and they both show up in my game.


I'm not sure what the actual problem is. Maybe a developer of the Toolkit knows.

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  • Administrator

The problem comes from the fact the the Arrangement ID haven't been modified between creating both psarc (likely because you change everything except the arrangement) making RS incapable of displaying both at the same time cause he can't identify them correctly.


The last few version of the toolkit should ask you if you want to regenerate the arrangement ID to avoid those conflict. You can always correct this by removing the arrangement and adding them again which will generate new ID.

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The problem is that your two CDLC have the same Persistent ID.  CFSM has a Duplicates finder feature which will even tell you which CDLC have the same Persistent ID.  In CFSM Duplicates menu click on 'Select SongInfo/PersistentID' in the lower right corner of the GUI to see which songs have the same Persistent ID.


As, firekorn has pointed out, when the toolkit prompts during package generation ... 'the song information has changed.  Do you want to update the 'arrangment identification'?" Be sure you answer 'Yes'.  If for some reason you don't get this prompt then just change the song version information in the toolkit Package Creator GUI before generation and you will then get the prompt.

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