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  1. BTW I want to do this to repack the original song with backing track audio.
  2. I'd like to re-do a existing package to give it new audio. I thought the easiest would be just to unpack it and replace the *.wem files. I would just take the old and new audio into an audio editor to make sure the new audio is the same length and tempo and starts at the same time. Then I would convert the new audio to *.wem and pack with old arrangements and other files. What is stopping me from this workflow is that I am unable to convert the wem file into something more usable for editing. I have found this: http://forum.xentax.com/viewtopic.php?p=66311#p66311 But it does not work for me, I
  3. Thank you guys, I will give it try soon when I get into the same situation.
  4. Hello, I have created two packages. I wanted an audio track with and without lead guitar, so I found a backing track I wanted to use in the second package. I have generated all the files I need for Custom Song Creator and used 2 different *.wem files for each package. In the song creator I generate one package, replace wem file with the new one and change the song names and generate another package, so that the arrangements and other files are same in both packages. Now each package works fine when adding it into Rocksmith DLC folder separately but when having both in the DLC folder, only one
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