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I made a topic to organize, improve and standardize lessons cdlc at



I got to thinking about the labeling system idea you had while I was sorting through tutorials, and the idea occurred to me that it might make more sense if we standardized with the artist name starting with "ZZZZ" since virtually no band, that I'm aware of, starts their name with that.  This would also make for quick access since you could just jump straight to the bottom of the list and have all your tutorials lined out for you.

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When I came to customsforge early 2014, the "You" concept was already existing in the previous forum of smithy anvil, I took over.


The concept got lost when new charters came later on.


Changes to Z is not an fundamental improvement to the principle that Lessons should list together, and would be more of an annoyance for all the users used to "You".

and I would rather list it first with a "0"

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there is a website Jammmz.com with lots of exercises for different instruments in various categories. All exercises are with tabs as pdf and sometimes GP files, mp3 audio and backingtracks for dl most of it for free. The idea there is to record your own playing with the backingtrack and upload it there for rating by other users. You also can listen to recorded solutions of any users, mine are also there, same username :)

Any exercises from there I already used for education sometimes, and with any I already completed cdlcs for RS, i.e. lead techniques. I didn't upload them to CF since I asked the owner of the site for his agreement a while ago, but without any response. Now I wonder if I should do so, maybe as packs if a serie is complete. 

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