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Should I upgrade my Mac OS?

missis sumner

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I'm currently running OSX 10.7.5 - yes, you may laugh.  I really only use it for browsing t'web and playing Rocksmith with plenty of customs from here.


I boot my Mac into Windows for other things (playing music/videos or actually doing work).


So should I upgrade?  Will I still be able to run customs in a newer Mac OS?

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I can run it in Windows, but it's very sluggish... and I'm not even sure if the sound works properly.


I have tried it, and it was definitely no good.


Anyway, the Mac heats up very nicely playing Rocksmith as it is... :D

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If your computer can't keep up with Rocksmith in Windows, it won't fare any better under OSX either. Could even be worse, as is the case many times with Mac ports of games. Judging by the OS version, you have a 2010-2012 Macbook, so ultimately you're just better off by purchasing a newer laptop and going with that.


You could get better performance out of the unit by getting it thoroughly cleaned though. I have mid-2012 MBP that got to high 80's or even 90's (celsius) in temps when playing, and that would obviously make the computer throttle even more than usual. Then I got some HDD issues (not related to the heating, I presume) and got my computer checked. The guys cleaned it completely, and now my temps when playing RS are around 65C, which from the idle temps of 50C is not a huge increase.

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