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Strange problem when importing tab.


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Hey Guys,


I am trying to do the song Pagan's Mind - Back To The Magic Of Childhood Exploring Life Part 2 which is a 9'17 song the tab I have is 9'14 which of course is fine. The problem is when I import the tab into EOF the notes go well past the song onto 12'15 in length and have major issues matching anything up. It seems about half way through a lot of the notes have spread very far apart which is not how it should be. Going over the tab in GP6 it all looks and sounds fine, so is there a problem with EOF or something I am not seeing in the tab? It's very strange, been at this for several hours now.


I see someone has done part one, perhaps they didn't do part two for this very reason.


Any help much appreciated.



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And the notes spread out because the timing changes.  Try to import and say yes to "import time signatures from gp file".


You sound like you are just starting out.  It's your job, as a human, to put the notes in the right place with the music.  That is the point of what you are doing.  Its tricky at first, but you'll get there.



Good luck :D

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Sorry Fotek, I didn't realise you had already made cdlcs :(


Yeah, post up a vid or some screens for peeps to have a look.



It could be cause you are using a GP6 exprt to GP5, sometimes repeat bars (dunno the musical term) can get messed up and you end up with extra tabs.


There are many ways to fix this, but no really quick method.  Copy/paste/delete in EoF or GP5, whichever you are most comfortable with.

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