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Cheap Amp & Effects Solution?


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Hello there, i'm hoping you lot can spare some of your knowledge.


I'm currently looking for a cheap amp solution (£200< preferably) that'll provide plenty of effects since i like to play a variety of songs. I'm currently leaning towards a Vox vt20+ or vt40+ which weigh in at £140 and £180 respectively. They feel a little overcomplicated to use however.


I've also given the Roland Cube a go, it doesn't offer the same number of effects but the loop you can have is a pretty useful feature.


I'd love to hear some other suggestions, maybe a cheap pedal and amp combination or something?  :)


The sort of stuff i'd like to be able to play in a sort of check list.

- Decent reverb effect - i play electro acoustic so like a sound a bit like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VjAunOUNrGU


- The Police

- Might learn some of the Smiths in the future

- Some rock stuff, ACDC, Queen

- Bit of Hendrix

- An effect for songs like the XX

- Nirvana

- Arctic Monkeys

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I bought a Digitech RP255 multi-effects pedal a while back from Play.com for a bargain £119. It's got an absolute shitload of emulated amps and cabs, effects and an expression pedal. There's a link to it giving more details in my effects pedals thread.


The amount of different sounds you can get out of it is  amazing tbh. I'd definitely recommend it.




It also has a decent acoustic setting that sounds pretty similar to the above. What makes the pedal great though is the expression pedal for volume and effects. Means you can do the Floyd Rose racing car noise without having the incovenience of messing around with your volume knob on your guitar! :mrgreen:


Edit: The guy in the second video demonstrates the Acoustic preset at 5:31, but someone has done a better one on the Digitech website that you can download and save as one of your 60 user-defined presets. There are loads of different ones on there and some of them are excellent.

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I've got the RP-355, which is 1 step up from the above, & it's served me pretty well for the last 5 years. There are a couple gripes I have with it (mostly the quality of any tuning adjustments- bass emulator, octaves & harmonizers), but for the most part it does what it does quite well, and is much cheaper & easier to use (& haul around!) than the GT-10s which almost every lead player I know uses. Plus, being able to plug it in via USB & edit the tones on the computer or record audio directly is a huge plus- when I was looking, this was the only one in its price range that had that, not sure if that's changed since.

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You want cheap Amp and effects?  Use your comptuer and your rocksmith cable.  Ubuntu Studio is free, and you can make a LiveCD/USB so you can use it by just booting to the CD/USB.  Uber cool.


I also have a Mustang amp that I can control and input, but you really only need your Rocksmith cable.




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Ubuntu Studio FTW


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@musicmonkey I would simply add ~£100 to the price and take i.e. this Blackstar amp. I've been testing this amp and I can say it's worth all the money. It's a tube amp, not a transistor amp, which can go loud without having to turn on the volume knob to 100%. It's a very good practice amp with brilliant sound modeling options. Give it a try and you'll definatelly won't regret it! Search for Blackstars nearby you and test it yourself. Cheers!  :mad: 


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I own a VOX VT20+ and can really recommend it. As it works with one tube, it sounds much warmer and less digital then other modeling amps and it has more power than transitor amps with 20W. You could even change the tube to give it a even  warmer and fuller sound, but thats more a question of taste. It has lots of really fantastic sounds and effects, and its not complicated at all to set it up.  But you should consider to buy the footswitch FS-5 ( i guess about 50-60 £ ) along with it to make it much more easier to switch between the sounds during playing. ;)

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