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In EOF's FILE menu, there is MIDI IMPORT.  Midi files at least superficially seem a bit like Guitar Pro files, containing a version of a song in the form of synth instruments stored as tracks, though perhaps without the sophisticated musical notation that details bends, sustains, slides, hammer-ons...


So I thought I would give MIDI IMPORT a try.


The 1st time around It had prompted me for a MIDI file, so I give it one, then it requested a Music file, so I gave it the ogg file that should relate to the midi file.  But I couldn't determine how this did anything other than the ogg file import.


Is there some advice relevant to the MIDI Import?


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I think that function is only for rock band/guitar hero or other eof-associated rhythm game midi templates, but ask raynebc yourself in this thread: http://customsforge.com/topic/1529-latest-eof-releases-r1304/page-5?do=findComment&comment=13596 (or reach out to him any other way)

I'm sure he won't mind that question, he never seems annoyed by repeatedly asked questions as well which is really nice of him

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It's for importing MIDI-formatted rhythm game charts (Frets on Fire, Power Gig, Phase Shift, Rock Band), not a regular song MIDI. Regular MIDIs aren't a good way to store guitar music since they are so limited (can't define what string plays the note, can't define most techniques, etc). Rock Band uses a more complex system where techniques like this are encoded using different MIDI notes, velocities, channel numbers, etc.

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