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Massive Feedback On Acoustic Tones



Maybe the rocksmith community can help me with this issue.


When I rebuilt my computer, new motherboard and everything and having a fresh install of rocksmith the problem was only slight. Now the issue im having is once again back.


The issue is this, All other tones, from distortion,reverb, clean and so on I have no feedback on, however when using any real acoustic tone (ex Every Rose has its thorn, More than Words, Love song etc) I hear in my speakers massive freedback, crackling and horrible sound. 


Now i've done some preliminary stuff to test out some external stuff. I've tried USB port 3.0 and while I get a higher quality of sound than 2.0, the problem is still there, and is in 2.0


I've also taken a look in the control panel of my system to see recording devices and sounds and seeing which one is active. By default the rocksmith tone cable is set a volume level 17, and i do not see any sound registration coming from that even if I make it the primary communication device and disable my microphones and other interference. I've adjusted volumes and it doesn't make it any worse or better still get the same issue.


I've tried audio exclusivity on and off with no difference, my default engine is set to 4 on the audio lag, mike it turned off in game.


So what could be causing this issue, When I have a fresh install on a new computer it was only slight but now its very back and cutting out and feedback is horrendous. Any ideas, solutions would be welcome 

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I was also going to say calibration.


Further to this though, make sure that during calibration you do actually thump your guitar.  I found if you are wishy washy during calibration, then get all excited and start hitting the thing while playing, then acoustic tones can crackle like mad.


Also, some acoustic/clean tones still crackle for me from time to time.  If you ever find one you like that does not crackle, get it saved into your tone bank (2, 3, 4) and pull it out when required.

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Thank for all the advice, and PC plum I'll try that technique in calibration next time and thumb my guitar. What do you mean by wishy washy? Do you mean to hit the strings all consistently and at the same time and loudly? 


I'm still getting some badass crackingly/horrible feedback. I've check all settings, adjusted everything I've seen from my the setup point of view and the cracking/feedback doesn't change in the audio settings from control panel, audio exclusivity, ingame, I've adjusted all that and tampered and its still will be back so I know its none of that. 


Possibly could be cable, but if that was the case I'd get it on all tones not just acoustic or certain ones. 


That thumping idea may help.

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