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Changing Tabbed Note/String Position in CDLC



I've checked the forum and can't seem to find how to do this. Sorry if it's been posted/answered.


I play bass mostly and I find CDLC and RS likes open strings in bass. In certain instances I would prefer fretting rather than open string (ie A play 5th fret on E, especially in Psycho Killer) or sometimes tightening up some fretting to minimize hand movement.


Is it easy to change the displayed note positions? 


I have GP6 and love that you can just select a note and hit alt-up/down arrow to change the string on which the note is played. It will automatically set the fret.


I realize that this will involve unpacking a CDLC, making changes, then re-packing. Any help would be appreciated on how to do this.


I'm really having a blast playing all the CDLC here and enjoy the bass love.


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@@pembrokerock "Is it easy to change the displayed note positions?"


You just have to have an "I can do it attitude!" along with a few of the available tools and ... the answer is yes.

It is as easy as ...


1.  Unpack CDLC with toolkit. 

2   Open xml(s) and audio in EOF.

3.  Drag fretted notes to the new desired position(s).

4.  Save EOF xml files and repack files with the toolkit.

5.  Play your modified CDLC.


So the tools you will need are toolkit, EOF and Wwise.

Read the CF threads about these tools for tutorials and keep asking questions when you get stuck.

Have fun.


ps.  You really should not need to muck about in GP6 to achieve your quest.

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Hey thanks cozy1


This is exactly what I was looking for. Numbered instructions and links work very well with this old coder.


Is it worth reposting the updated CDLC (with appropriate comments)?


I find a lot of the CDLC I've DL'ed is very well done (bass wise). I'm amazed songs that I have learned on my own have a lot more depth than I've learned on my own. 


Thanks again for the quick response and merry xmas ....

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This thread is a bit old, but I had a question regarding 5th frets and Open strings and I can't find anything by using the search so this seems like a good place to ask.


If most of my song (Bass) happens on the A/D strings around the 2nd/4th frets, is there any reason to suddenly play what could be 4th/2nd/Open on the A string as 9th/7th/5th on the E string? Seems like some needless movement down the neck to me? Check out Search & Destroy (RHCP) for instance... I understand going up to the 5th fret on the E if you've got a couple Open E's after the A (that way you don't need to mute the Open A afterwords as playing the Open E takes care of that when you fret the 5th on the same string), but otherwise, is there any REAL reason not to play on the A string the whole time? Is this strictly a personal preference, or is there any other reasoning? Thanks!


P.S. I'd love for you to post your repacks (with proper credit to original poster and explanation of what was changed) as I too always felt Psycho Killer for instance would be better with the 5th fret E instead of Open A.

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@@okewlie open A or 5E sounds different (any fretted not will sound different compare to the open equivalent of that note). Also some player like to move up and down the neck while other prefer to stay on a position and just play up and down the string. It's mostly a matter of personal preferences and chart should ideally indicated the way the original player was playing those riffs.

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