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Rocksmith (RS1) Not Working since Steam Problems



Hello Everyone,


Basic outline of what happened, and before you read too far I want to say that I have genuinely purchased RS1 and RS2014 via Steam (RS1) and retail box RS2014. I also purchased the CD DLC for RS2014 to get RS1 tracks into RS2014 and have purchased several song packs etc through Steam as well. I say this, because my problems with RS1 seem the type of thing that might happen with any game. RS2014 is working wonderfully still but some tracks are not available in RS2014 and I still play RS1 for those tracks.



Had some problems with Steam. Read someone that best way to fix said problem was to simply uninstall Steam and Reinstall Steam.


Followed instructions to Uninstall Steam via control panel uninstall programs (bad idea, never do this).


What was never mentioned (by the person who advised to uninstall nor by Steam itself when the uninstall was started) is that it also removes ALL of your installed Steam Games and files (including my much loved CDLC for RS1 and RS2014).


When I found out what had happened (after reinstalling Steam and no games being in my library as playable and all as "install") I sat in front of my computer for about 15 minutes deciding if I should 1) Turn the computer off and go to bed, it was late, 2) Cry myself to sleep, 3) Smash the computer to pieces with a hammer, or 4) Download a Data-Retriever. Eventually I got the Data-Retriever and happy to say I only lost about 20 CDLC in total and managed to get back most of the files I thought I had lost.


After several hours of retrieval, I replaced the games and songs files back into their normal locations and tried to play, no good, nothing would load.


I moved all my CDLC to a new folder, uninstalled RS1 and RS2014 and reinstalled both games.

RS2014 works fine - Moved all the CDLC back and all runs great.

RS1 will simply not run. Heres what happens;


Open RS1 - See RS Logo > Plays Ubisoft Splash Screen and head sound > Crash.

Crash Error is as follows;


Microsoft Visual C + + Runtime Library

Runtime Error!


Program: ...les



This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way.

Please contact the application's support team for more information.



I am at a loss. I thought perhaps the problem was because I had recovered the files with the Data Retriever, but I still get the same error even after a fresh install of the game.



I would appreciate any help anyone can provide and I'm willing to try just about anything to get this sorted...



Regards, and than you for taking the time to read the above,





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Your opeining statement isn't too clear.  Do you own the retail box of RS1?


In that case run the DX installers on the install DVD.  Your pc sounds like its missing (or needs again) the Direct X components to run RS1.


If you don't have the disc of RS1, then try the DX installers from another disc from around that time.

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Thank you both, I'll look into both and get back.

To clarify - No, I do not own the retail box for RS1. I own RS2014 Box and bought RS1 via Steam.


I'll see if I can find these files you're talking about online and see if it fixed my problem. I'll report back once done in case anyone else has similar problems.


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