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How change the tuning in psarc-file and save?



Hi there guys!


I have a question and hopefully somebody knows the aswer to this one :)

As all of you, I love playing songs in Rocksmith, but don't like retuning my guitar that much.

To keep it short...for example, a bunch of songs can be played in E-standard tuning, but are listed as other tunings.


For example: Queens of the Stone Age - Feel good hit of the summer...This song requeres a C-tuning, but easily can be played in E-standard, as the chords and notes are possible in E-standard.

I guess more people stumble on the same "problem"


Anyway...Is there a (hopefully easy)  way to change the tuning in the psarc-file, so you can enter a song with the tuning you want, so you don't have to use the tuning first set for the song?


Okay....I hope this makes sence :) 



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not really... If you just want to change the required tuning by RS, you can do that directly in the toolkit but the tab won't be altered to reflect that tuning change so it will sound awful. (import the package and edit the arrangement to change the tuning)


If you want the tab to reflect that change you'll need to edit the whole xml file in with EOF so the process is close to the one for creating a cdlc.

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Changing the tuning is pretty easy, but will make what you play off key...


Probably the easiest way to do it so that things will be in key is to unpack the .psarc and decode the audio, pitch shift the audio with Audacity, then repack the custom with the new audio and the desired tuning for each arrangement. This will make it in key, but if you're shifting C standard to E the song will probably sound pretty weird - this is probably best used if the tuning is E standard A430 or something like that, and can be done in a couple of minutes.


Another way is to unpack the .psarc, start up a new EoF project with the audio, import the .xml files, then change the tuning in EoF, which should ask whether you want to preserve the pitch when you change the tuning (which you do). Hopefully that will do everything necessary, but I suppose it could drop some notes or arrange things in a way that's really difficult to play (particularly if you go from C to E), so you'd probably have to go through again afterwards to fix everything. So, this might take a lot of time... Anyway, once that's done, add the arrangements and stuff to the toolkit then generate the .psarc.

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Re-tuning is a nightmare for (like me) a one guitar guy.  Oh how I am jealous of guys with multiple guitars in multiple tunings all hanging on the wall for the day they play in Eb Drop Db...


Further to the above, even fudging the tuning to be able to play in E Standard won't be perfect - it just won't sound correct.  You certainly won't get the extremely heavy tug tug tug feeling you get from actually being in C# Standard on heavy strings.

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