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About 10 years ago..........


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Around 10 years ago I gave the 13 year old son of a friend a go on my cheap acoustic....... showed him  about 3 chords ( every thing I knew basically lol) and he sat there quite happily for an hour bashing away at it...... jump to present day he's just released this....

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Nice, this is an example of what self conviction can achieve. Playing guitar is an art that few can really understand.It´s an art that´s very difficult but not impossible. It´s about effort and visualization.You can have the best rated guitar,one of the best guitar players as a teacher and one of the best learning tools if there´s any out there, but if you aren´t convinced at all of the sacrifice and will you have to put in it, then you are nothing but fooling yourself.Hail the gods of music for music and human sake!

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