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Nirvana - Polly


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I've played it a few times, so here's some feedback.  I apologize if it sounds harsh, I tend to be blunt and not sugar coat things.


First off, the good:


1.  Thanks for doing your own version instead of just stealing Acid's (which at least 2 other people have tried in the past).



And the bad:


1.  The tone is horrible.  It's too loud, and too "electric".  Polly was recorded on an old nylon 12-string acoustic guitar, with only 5 strings installed.  It was also out of tune on the recording (which will be all but impossible to match).


2.  The tab is very incorrect.  Especially the chorus.  I have official tabs if you'd like.


3.  The tab is out of sync, starting at the end of the second verse.


4.  The audio you used sounds really bad.  I'm assuming by the crowd chants that you used the Rockband version of the song.  Not all of the RB songs sound bad, but the fake, over-done reverb they've applied to Polly sounds really bad.



I hope the feedback helps, and I'm looking forward to any updates you release.

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Wonder why Polly isn't showing up in Ignition? I have it in my Collection though. 


Because it had been uploaded, twice, by users who did not create it and stole it from another site.  It looks like it's since been removed.


This is a different version.

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Well thanks for feedback wepeel, so:

1. I'm working today on the tone, when I was finishing the cdlc it was almost midnight and I had no time for testing it;

2. I would appreciate the tab if can send it to me;

3. Let's see what I can do with your new tab;

4. Actually I converted a FLAC version to mp3 of the nevermind album, so I'm going to see if I can find a remastered version.


You were not harsh and that's what I wanted from feedback, that you could point me all the bad things on the cdlc so I can make it better, thanks.

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If you want to fix the beatmap it's easier if you zoom in and enable the metronome by pressing the M key.


If you want a beatmap that is already finished (ripped from the rock band version) you can download it and import your tab onto it.


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@@Jorzef, I'll send you the tab books I have via PM.


I played it a few more times today.... I'll have to revise my point #4 under "Bad".  I forgot I was playing under my test profile, which has different venue and graphic/audio settings than my regular profile.


The crowd noise and bad reverb was the crap that RS adds in.  So it's not your audio.


I played under my regular profile and everything sounded normal.  The tone didn't sound quite as bad either, but it's still a bit too electric and bassy.

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