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  1. A51Ripcord's post in Custom Song Creator Toolkit ERROR was marked as the answer   
    It was Wwise and EOF Configuration errors as You Mentioned in the Above, I started over,followed this tutorial http://customsforge.com/topic/1922-how-to-make-pc-cdlcs-for-rocksmith-2014-tutorial-wscreenshots-by-darjusz/?p=8918  and was able to build..Thank you for your troubleshooting and response.
    *As for tones I downloaded the RS2014 TONES from our site, used Matchbox 20 and R.E.M, thanks for the Heads up.
    *I played all 4 arrangements (3 + Bonus)
    *I could not tune the Guitars on the BONUS arrangement which is a Mandolin and I used the Matchbox 20 - Unwell Banjo tone from  the official DLC, I don't understand why I'm unable to tune in GDAEBE on an electric acoustic or my Squire telecaster. 
    *Lead arrangement has problems on the bends only But the REM_Shiny tone sounds good.
     So I have some work to do, but was able to get past this issue thanks to all of you, I'm gonna work on it tonight.
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