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[TOOL] CDLC Tagger


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  • Developer

NOTICE: You should download CustomsForge Song Manager instead of this tool -> it contains the same functionality, but improved and with more options - download it here: http://customsforge.com/forum/81-customsforge-song-manager/




Hey people!


So, I heard that some of you would like a CDLC tagger...And I made one :)





->fill RS path textbox (with your Rocksmith root path, not dlc folder!)

->fill workin folder path (optional)

->select all CDLCs you'd like to tag (official DLCs won't be tagged)

->press "Process selected"


What does it look like ingame ? 




Meaning of these arrows and stuff: 


->CUSTOM-ofcourse means that it's a custom song

->BLACK arrow means that it contains vocals


->upper BLUE means that it contains a bass arangement

->lower BLUE means that is contains a bonus bass arangement


->upper YELLOW means that it contains a lead arrangement

->lower YELLOW means that it contains a bonus lead arrangement


->upper RED means that it contains a rhythm arrangement

->lower RED means that it contains a bonus rhythm arrangement



Q:I'd rather use different colors for my tags, can I do something regarding that?

A:Yes, you can, actually! Open "tags" folder in the app folder, and modify the tags. (But make sure that they're named properly :))


Q:Can I add my own themes?

Y:Yes, you can! Make a preview file called exampleName123prev.png and a folder called exampleName123 which contains png files called Background, Bass, Bass Bonus, Lead, Lead Bonus, Rhythm, Rhythm Bonus, Vocals and Custom. 


Q:I'd like to see the source code of the app, can I ?
A:Ofcourse, take a look: https://github.com/Lovroman/RS-CDLC-Tagger/





-Frack->original idea about custom tagging, tags and that stuff (go thank him in this thread)

-Motive->more themes, testing, ideas and that stuff :)

-RS Toolkit team->I "stole" their library again, so thanks again, guys!

-me->coding this app


If you have any questions, concerns, ... feel free to ask! And, ofcourse, have fun!

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@@Lovroman I can` not to use, bcs of in tool i see only compatibility packs RS1 dlc and disk. Press "load songs" and same, only 2 packs. Seems tool can not see in subdir.

I tried  set direct path to some of subfolders, but it call error window, where i see that tool tried find cdlc  by path: "my path"+"/dlc" , of course nothing found. And after this issue tool  do not run. appear error window....."Can not part of path"....


And what format for img?  Don`t understood how you apply this current image to cover art, if at cover all corner of labels have not angle 90 , but in image of labels one side have corners =90 degree, so  do you catting part images?

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  • Developer



New version is up, is it better now? :)


No, I don't cut them, I draw one over another (first vocals (it's the biggest), then bass, rhythm, lead then lastly I draw CUSTOM tag at the same position).



Yes, ofcourse, just let me put it on GitHub. :)


Here you go: https://github.com/Lovroman/RS-CDLC-Tagger/


Edit: uploaded version 1.0.2, there was a problem with name tagging, so I fixed it

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@@Lovroman Now pathes work. I can see al dlc. But there need yet update, don`t need show  in list of cdlc full path, need cut part that used how path ro RS14, bcs of i can see only first a few word of names cdlc. Or that  more good need 2 columns, one with cutted path for sorting, and second with names cdlc, too sorted by name.


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So, finally i tested in deal. And there something wrong. CDLc have lead and bass, but there look like wide bass label.



Can you make description how exactly your tool make mix all tags, may be some images with example? He rotate source imgs or put it how is in original, horizontal? if i right understood, so there

one horizontal tag img(lead), cover other which more wide (bass), but part not covered, and if we have not rhythm, so we can see double wide bass tags, right?

So here is way fix it and make some empty (or custom) space for missed arrangement? Bcs of this way look not very good.


And yet would be very nice to have possibility see some preview what i to get with replaced images of tags. Now need every time run RS for check changing, long way for customize tags.


Update, I all understood, All will work rock. Nevermind. Thanks. Alll possible fix and check in Photoshop.

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  • Administrator

One thing i don't understand and bother me a bit is why do the app also rename the file itself with sometimes a lot of RBLV that i absolutely don't need especcially when i use a tagging app and not a renaming one :D

Firekorn's workshop
In Flames Discography


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Very need some button for remove custom tags. :)


And would be nice have yet one image, which put first, for back, so as if  have not vocal (or yet no bass) , summary size tag decreased, that impossible make some good  border for fixed size tag, else that appear transparent empty places in middle - look not very good.


And there i tried make something with original of RS colors and border for testing.  not big deal design, bcs of small size all killed.

red- Lead+blue-Bass (bonus until not did)+yellow-vocal


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Yet one attempt, full pack img. there l+r+b, and idea that charter can put their signature to img custom tag. So every cdlc will have and show author, and it will not noname some one of thousand cdlc, and this will  reminder that this one is author hard work, may be it increased feedback to charters and respect to their work.





there template for Photoshop ->>


P.s. I too unlike that tool renamed cdlc. 

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  • Developer

One thing i don't understand and bother me a bit is why do the app also rename the file itself with sometimes a lot of RBLV that i absolutely don't need especcially when i use a tagging app and not a renaming one :D

Well, I simply implemented ideas that were given to me... :P

This RBLV should actually mark that the custom contains a rhythm, bass, lead and vocal arrangements..(non-capitalized mark bonus arrangements)


But yea, I'll add option exclude renaming from tagging process and an option to remove tags.


Guys, is it okay if app adds a little T or a little - to the dlc filename, so it doesn't extract it again, if it was already tagged before?

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Thank you very much, Great work.

Example and my ready pack tags (replace contain in dir "tags"


@@Lovroman Still yet need to add one image for background. Rare caught some covers with similar colors, and not clear see tags

And yet, if option "Delete extracted" is off, and to use preview this create a lot necessary extracted dir, may be need delete extracted for preview anyway?


update. Yet one design for tags.












Link to download pack - >>

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@@Lovroman Option " Add tag to filename" don`t work, im off it, but it still yet add tag, result a few adding tags:

BB-King_Come-Rain-Or-Come-Shine_v1_DDrVBLVBLVBLVBLRVBLVBLVBLVBVBLlLRVBLlVLRV-_p this is  holy shit :)

And this will not work bcs of broken row of symbols "_p"



And Example with text:









Link to download pack there - >>


And there issue -unreadable text, bcs of i can not to add normal background image:



P.s. I have idea that there need some droplist with different themes pack for easy choosing that like. And in combine with "previous art" this allowed choose more good theme for concrete cover art, so there will not issue hard reading at some cover art.

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@@d0ns7er You need dowload template for photoshop, change that want, in same places, rasterized every layer and style, change resolution to 128x128, select "show" only layers what need and save as png with right names.

I don`t know how you got this  bad positions, i check other resolutions in RS and all look OK.

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  • Administrator

@@d0ns7er no need to be hatefull when someone is trying to help you solve the issue you are having with a free tool that he made on his own free time.

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@@Lovroman Pleese add yet background image. :)

 i have yet one idea, which want test, and there again need background. This will work with changed images, like inverted tags. So, for standard cdlc L+R+B+V will show only "custom" tag, without other, so i will look almost like official. Than more missed arrangement then more differents tags (tag will show what missed), so incompleted cdlc will look too bad :)

For bonus will think something yet.

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  • Developer



Little update:

-fixed that weird disabling bug (missing "_" in "_p.psarc")

-added a dropdown for choosing which pack to use


@ well, please send me an example of what it should look like and I'll try to do it..


And can you please tell me when did that bug with many letters occur ?

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One thing i don't understand and bother me a bit is why do the app also rename the file itself with sometimes a lot of RBLV that i absolutely don't need especcially when i use a tagging app and not a renaming one :D

It's my fault ! (but i assume that)

I think It's interesting to see directly with only the file what parts are available in the custom (it's used by the tool to know if a custom is already tagged only one aditionnal character was necessary, i asked Lovroman it it was possible to add the (more useful) _LRBV_ infos instead).


For the choice of tags positions & the color i had to choose one solution.

I've try to select the best/more logical ideas (every ideas was considered).



- Top/Upper part of the tag: Main Parts

Lower part of the tag: Bonus


- For the colors  logic:

The first letter is R in both Red & Rhythm

the same for Bass is Blue the first letter is B so:




Lead: Yellow (as i've not found any matching colors for this one, i've select a visible color between Blue & Red).

Vocal is the arrow"colors container".


- the order of the parts logic:

It's from harder to easier (Left to Right) so:


Lead Guitar is the hardest/more technical  to play,

after comes Rhythm Guitar

then Bass & finish with Vocal.


It's not the Ignition colors but i didn't want  to have to refer to it every time to know the colors matching.


Thanks Lovroman for Coding the tool.

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