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  1. PS3 needs to be jailbroken (try HEN PS3) use the toolkit to convert songs to PS3 (no cherry needed) as the super-slim can't be fully jailbroken(root access) u need to re-package the converted song (to be installed in the the appropriate Game version (EU/US) version) using PKGi ps3
  2. Happy Birthday catara!

  3. there are no Free DLCs specifically for PS4(e.g. noCherub Rock) and in general as they Are encrypted for the console "it" downloaded them and in order to look to understand how it works them you would need a person that had his console on firmware 5.05 or earlier then bought/dowloaded a DLC then jailbroke it and extracted the .pkg song file kinda late to find such a person now but still my only 2019 wish
  4. Any one is able to manipulate the gamefiles to remove songs from the retail version but No edat/psarc CDLC files are available to show how packaging/encryption/etc can be done
  5. 31192 its the folder to SOUTH PARK: THE STICK OF TRUTH/Worms Collection Please start he game once, play a song, then check for the existence of BLUS31182 or BLES01862 in the, note the singular form of the word game (DON'T search in gameS) , then add yr PS3 DLC in USRDIR/DLC/ ... *_ps3.psarc.edat
  6. Happy Birthday catara!

  7. you can install CustomDLC (from customforge) also on any (phat, slime, super slim; for a year now) 4.82 or lower using the HAN vulnerability. no need to have it jailbroken. please don't install 4.83 as it just became available and closed the internet browser bug allowing to install HAN http://www.psx-place.com/threads/ps3-4-83-ofw-now-live-beware-changes-impacting-han-users-stay-tuned-for-more-info.20951/
  8. What is the version of the toolkit you used in converting?
  9. What do you mean by doesnt start? I.e. can you see the logo screen? Where it asks you to press Begin As only after it actually reads the 70 songs which should take about 40sec(with a notif in the right side corner of the screen while it does) From my exp every 4 starts the game doesnt start (black screen after pressing X in PS dashboard) but surely its just cause my aged phat PS3 but then i do a hard reset go through hardrive scan and all good after. Try with only St. vincent then with another converted song and if it doesnt work pass it on to me to check. From what did u convert them from (i always do Pc to PS3 conversion and i have thousands of songs workings and the uj 1% that fail at comversion and the 0.1% that dont start to play but never dont alow the game not to start) Worse case scenario rename the game\BLU folder... start the game... see it working but dont update the gme when it asks you... then exit add st vincent plus one song in the newly automatically created game\blu ... as see from there
  10. Yes as I've mentioned ,please add it to "game" small letters , no plural. That is the game home/saves folder.... DO NOT add it to the game structure ...folder/ISO https://photos.app.goo.gl/YCKA8rMr4jgSnZxm9 after you do this it will work 100%
  11. I've DM (Direct Message) my contact details. Or use dropbox/googlephotos/googledrive/icloud ..any service that can share the links. Please share screenshots with the - ​game version - full hdd00 drive - with "game" folder full screenshot - and then BLU full directory tree screenshot
  12. i copy-pasted the PS3 version from this post (randomly) and it all works .... http://customsforge.com/index.php/page/customsforge_rs_2014_cdlc.html/_/pc-enabled-rs-2014-cdlc/birth-in-reverse-r38205 Here is a set of screenshots with the "game" folder (small letters; no s; singular; in the root of PS3), game version, and proof of it working (ignore DLC1 as a backup of prev folder) https://photos.app.goo.gl/9X8t6mSWRF4RqF32A https://photos.app.goo.gl/6qfu2ipxpCU7SScq9 https://photos.app.goo.gl/HeVKvZ454DjRC4F26 again, once this test is passed you can go download from this website any PC/MAC CustomDLC ..convert using latest Toolkit to PS3 etc.
  13. I’ll test a ps3 CDLC from ignition and share it here later tdy. As i ujually download them as PC then convert them myself. But then my toolkit is a couple of months old and there was just a big new release of toolkit and maybe some bugs came with it... maybe...
  14. No.No ubisoft login required neither, or PSN connection. I bought 15cables, and Pc and Ps4 but never a Ps3 rocksmith... game @converting to HAN compatible console package, yes i had some issues not having an original but that’s not the topic here.
  15. “Cherub Rock” Not needed (i.e. buying one Official DLC/ODLC/DLC then making sure all CDLCs have the same AppID) But again conversion of a ODLC from Pc to PS3 is the 1way to test its at least loading as from my exp 0.1%of ODLC fail at conversion but then they dont get converted.
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