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Well someone had to do it.  :P Here's a place to see which Foo songs have been done and which are being worked on. You can also discuss all things Foo and Foo related. Your custom must have more than one path to be linked here. All customs made by me unless otherwise stated.







Foo Fighters


  1. This Is a Call
  2. I'll Stick Around (Created by @Rockfirstlast)
  3. Big Me (Created by @Shinyditto12)
  4. Alone + Easy Target (Created by @Rockfirstlast)
  5. Good Grief (Created by @Rockfirstlast)
  6. Floaty (Created by @Rockfirstlast)
  7. Weenie Beenie (Created by @Rockfirstlast)
  8. Oh, George
  9. For All the Cows (Created by @Rockfirstlast)
  10. X-Static
  11. Wattershed
  12. Exhausted




The Colour and the Shape


  1. Doll
  2. Monkey Wrench - Official DLC
  3. Hey, Johnny Park (Created by @Karmeleaux)
  4. My Poor Brain (Created by @Redslam)
  5. Wind Up (Created by @Rockfirstlast)
  6. Up in Arms
  7. My Hero - Official DLC
  8. See You (Created by @Redslam)
  9. Enough Space (Created by @Rockfirstlast)
  10. February Stars
  11. Everlong - Official DLC
  12. Walking After You
  13. New Way Home




There Is Nothing Left to Lose


  1. Stacked Actors (Created by @Antithez)
  2. Breakout (Created by @Michael MegaX)
  3. Learn to Fly - Official DLC
  4. Gimme Stitches
  5. Generator (Created by @Michael MegaX)
  6. Aurora
  7. Live-In Skin (Created by @Antithez)
  8. Next Year
  9. Headwires (Created by @Revyrun)
  10. Ain't It the Life (Created by @Antithez)
  11. M.I.A.




One by One


  1. All My Life
  2. Low
  3. Have It All
  4. Times Like These - Official DLC
  5. Disenchanted Lullaby
  6. Tired of You
  7. Halo
  8. Lonely as You
  9. Overdrive
  10. Burn Away
  11. Come Back (Created by @Unleashed2k)




In Your Honor


  1. In Your Honor
  2. No Way Back (Created by @Num14)
  3. Best of You - Official DLC
  4. DOA (Created by @YLedbetter)
  5. Hell
  6. The Last Song
  7. Free Me
  8. Resolve
  9. The Deepest Blues Are Black
  10. End Over End
  11. Still
  12. What If I Do?
  13. Miracle
  14. Another Round
  15. Friend of a Friend
  16. Over and Out
  17. On the Mend
  18. Virginia Moon
  19. Cold Day in the Sun
  20. Razor



Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace


  1. The Pretender - Official DLC
  2. Let It Die (Created by @Num14)
  3. Erase/Replace
  4. Long Road to Ruin - Official DLC
  5. Come Alive
  6. Stranger Things Have Happened (Created by @Cat With A Mustach)
  7. Cheer Up, Boys (Your Make Up Is Running)
  8. Summer's End (Created by @TomSawyer2112)
  9. Ballad of the Beaconsfield Miners
  10. Statues
  11. But, Honestly
  12. Home




Wasting Light


  1. Bridge Burning
  2. Rope - Official DLC
  3. Dear Rosemary (Created by @Sureshot)
  4. White Limo (Created by @Nacholede)
  5. Arlandria (Created by @Antithez)
  6. These Days (Created by @RSBass)
  7. Back & Forth
  8. A Matter of Time (Created by @ZZleeZZ)
  9. Miss the Misery (Created by @AntonZap)
  10. I Should Have Known
  11. Walk - Official DLC




Sonic Highways


  1. Something From Nothing
  2. The Feast and the Famine
  3. Congregation
  4. What Did I Do? / God As My Witness
  5. Outside (Created by @AntonZap)
  6. In the Clear
  7. Subterranean
  8. I Am a River




Saint Cecilia EP


  1. Saint Cecilia
  2. Sean
  3. Savior Breath
  4. Iron Rooster
  5. The Neverending Sigh




Concrete and Gold


  1. T-Shirt
  2. Run
  3. Make It Right
  4. The Sky Is A Neighborhood
  5. La Dee Da
  6. Dirty Water
  7. Arrows
  8. Happy Ever After (Zero Hour)
  9. Sunday Rain
  10. The Line
  11. Concrete and Gold






  1. Wheels - Official DLC
  2. The One (Created by @Antithez)
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Well it's about damn time :P


Just in case you might find them useful, here's most of the official songbooks:




I have Wasting Light as well, but I haven't had time to scan it in yet (it's almost 200 pages long... damn Foo Fighters and your 7 guitar parts for each song...)


I'm going on vacation for a couple of weeks, but I would gladly scan it when I get back if anybody wants it.

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Thanks for doing this man. Dave Grohl and his broken leg deserve it !  :)


I really like "There is nothing left to lose", i find it more pop than the others. After that i stopped listening too until wasting light. 

The documentary for the last album was cool, but the album not so much.


Thanks Wepeel for the songbook, i found Breakout and Live-In Skin in there. I've made a custom a few months back for Stacked Actors with guitars, i'll take a look if i need update before posting it. 

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I started listening to them since 2007, remember that I listened to the pretender somewhere and it blew my mind, been a fan ever since, and gave their older works a listen later.


Thanks a lot Wepeel, it'll be useful to make a couple from color and shape in the future my version of Miss the misery has a long overdue update, but I couldn't figure out the proper way to play the solo, so I'll be really grateful when you can share the wasting light book.

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I have a couple that are close but not ready for prime time that Id be willing to hand off to someone and let them take all the credit.   Also I dont want to be responsible for them and I dont have patience for people whining that I didnt make their platform of choice available.   If anyone is interested in finishing them off PM me.   Most are acoustic,  some arent and need tones, some get a little out of sync, and a few need some leading silence.   Here are the ones I have:


Another Round

For all the cows

Friend of a Friend - this one keeps crashing on me, Im on XBOX so I dont get any error codes to debug perhaps you'll have more luck?


Over and Out

See You


What if I  do?  

Stranger things have happened

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@@Brooklyn_Sounds Man I'd really love to see the whole book for learning purposes, but in case it's too much work to do at once, only the solo for miss the misery is what I think need improvements. In any case, thanks a lot.

No problem, I managed to get the rest of the album tab books that @Wepeel didn't have.  :D



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Here are 7 or 8  nearly done ones if you guys would like to take the ball and run with them. They are:

For All the Cows

Over and Out

Friend of a Friend

See You



What if I do



   I dont mind if you want to post them and take credit after fixing them.  They are mostly acoustic songs so none of them have tones.  To be honest, Im $#!T with tones anyway.   One or two of them may drift towards the end  of the song.  


WARNING Friend of a Friend crashes - Im hoping someone with a PC can get an error code and will be able to fix it -  I only have an xbox.


A few of them probably need some leading silence as well.


I will post "Stranger Things" in this folder as well at a later date,  I have made some edits and have a more final version at home.


I am posting these with the understanding that I am not profitting from them and they will be used for educational use only - basically as fair use.   If any legal entity has a problem with this then I will be happy to remove them.



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