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  1. I totally get it and I appreciate all of your customs and your attention to detail. Just trying to contribute in some small way. I added stranger things. Its kind of a combo with both the riff, and the little solos.
  2. Here are 7 or 8 nearly done ones if you guys would like to take the ball and run with them. They are: For All the Cows Over and Out Friend of a Friend See You Miracle Still What if I do I dont mind if you want to post them and take credit after fixing them. They are mostly acoustic songs so none of them have tones. To be honest, Im $#!T with tones anyway. One or two of them may drift towards the end of the song. WARNING Friend of a Friend crashes - Im hoping someone with a PC can get an error code and will be able to fix it - I only have an xbox. A few of them probably need some leading silence as well. I will post "Stranger Things" in this folder as well at a later date, I have made some edits and have a more final version at home. I am posting these with the understanding that I am not profitting from them and they will be used for educational use only - basically as fair use. If any legal entity has a problem with this then I will be happy to remove them. https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B-WUkCF_FQYNfkRJR1J3Ui1RYnMtSDU1TWliN3Q4bW40U0ljX2dPVzJEeFA2TE1qTU1HTGs&usp=sharing
  3. I have a couple that are close but not ready for prime time that Id be willing to hand off to someone and let them take all the credit. Also I dont want to be responsible for them and I dont have patience for people whining that I didnt make their platform of choice available. If anyone is interested in finishing them off PM me. Most are acoustic, some arent and need tones, some get a little out of sync, and a few need some leading silence. Here are the ones I have: Another Round For all the cows Friend of a Friend - this one keeps crashing on me, Im on XBOX so I dont get any error codes to debug perhaps you'll have more luck? Miracle Over and Out See You Still What if I do? Stranger things have happened
  4. Hey antithez thanks for all of your work on customs. I noticed you have done some foo fighters. Would you be interested in a nearly done Dlc for "stranger things have happened" ? I released it once but I guess I don't have the patience for people complaining about it not being on the right format when the rocksmith toolkit is so easy to use. Maybe it's best for me to hand my work over to someone else to release. Let me know.
  5. cdes

    All My Customs

    Riftyou: I have had problems with that conversion before. I think the solution was to open it with the toolkit and re-name it to a shorter package name.
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