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Rocksmith 2014 Championship Week 85

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hey everyone B)   http://s23.postimg.org/aqf3zywzf/Rocksmith_rhythm.jpg   managed to do it ahah B)   http://s18.postimg.org/6zx267tll/rocksmith.jpg   this song is a real pain..after some time on RR on


http://i.imgur.com/5Eqonrr.jpg   Video:   Imagine my surprise when I reach the end of the tapping section with an x99. Imagine my fury when Rocksmith decides to exclaim "Fuck you!" during the last c

Yet one score, can`t improve it today, a few hours with this one killed my muscle at the fret hand :)

it's a pity,  that started practice very late, cool fun bass line. Stayed in collection.


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I'm out of power :/

So my scores are final

Out of power as in there's a power outage due to the thunderstorms yesterday? Because there was some pretty epic lightning and rain yesterday afternoon (while driving) and night (after reaching my destination), which included a tornado watch (pretty much unheard of in northern New England). Anyway, I wouldn't be surprised at all if those storms knocked out power in a bunch of places.


Anyway, I hope it's resolved soon!




Yeah, I looked at the radar and we were in the dead center of the worst of it...We lost power at work too(Yay for going home early :D)

I just got my power back at around 12PM, but as I said, my scores are final...I got some errands to run

I'm just glad it took mother nature herself to finally stop my rampage on Bass :P


Many nice scores on all songs :)

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Was out of town for 2 weeks and missed the championships, but good songs this week! I was going to put in Goodnight Moon as a selection, lots of fun to play on all parts. I think it might have been slightly harder than the int bass but I guess it depends on what you're good at. Hopefully back with some time to play again! Dead End Friends was great too.




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Ok, so here goes final difficulty scores for week 85 songs:
Shivaree - Goodnight Moon: Lead 2, Rhythm 3, Bass 3
Megadeth - This Was My Life: Lead 6, Rhythm 6, Bass 5
Them Crooked Vultures - Dead End Friends: Lead 7, Rhythm N/A, Bass 7
Symphony X - Set the World On Fire: Lead 10, Rhythm 9, Bass 10
I give you one day for final comments. Tomorrow I will submit that scores.

Master of Rocksmith Championship
For Whom the Leaderboard Tolls
...And Song Selection List For All
Seek and Championship Class Lists

The Exercise That Never Comes

@@Mortalo don't worry, you're a nice douche :)

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I know it doesn't really matter but I'm saying 10 on Set The World on Fire Bass, a lot of those runs are difficult enough on lead, even harder with the thicker strings of bass.


Many nice scores on all songs :)

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Thanks for choosing another one of my customs for the championship.  As always, if you find anything going on in one of my customs, please post a comment on it's forum page and I'll get an email notification.  I welcome all feedback, positive or negative.

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Sometimes I use big words that I don't completely understand, just to make myself seem more photosynthesis.

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