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Sliding from an open note


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The reason that it's not supported is just because it doesn't make any sense. You can't slide from an open note because a slide implies that you are already fretting a note which you aren't doing when you play an open note. You can theoretically fret the string above or on the nut and then slide down but RS can't possibly detect that. If you can't transpose the open string to a fretted note for whatever reason then your only option would be to make a slide from the first fret of that string.

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Sounds interesting, I'm gonna give that a try.


Thanks SmellyOrc :D



It's the closest you can get if you want to slide from an open 6th string. If you're on the 5th string or higher, you can transpose it to one string lower, 5 frets up (or 3-4 depending on which string you're coming from, and the tuning), and then slide up.


So for example, if you have an open string note A that you want to slide up, in standard tuning this would be an open note on the fifth string. Fret 5 on the sixth string is the same note (in standard tuning).

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I was thinking more like use a hammer-on on the 2nd or 3rd fret of the object string (whichever is in key) and then slide up to the resolving fret.


I don't like using alternate strings to solve problems as it doesn't sound quite right (depending on the song and situation).  I know the pitch is the same, but the sound is different on different strings.  I don't mind doing it on bass, but not on guitar.  Probably because the audibility of (natural) vibrato is far more evident on guitar strings than bass strings.

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