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First Concert!

Cat With A Mustach


So, I have never actually gone to a band concert before, I know how sad. However, my favorite band (Rise Against) is finally touring around my area! The concert is in Seattle (Oh boy legal weed), and honestly I don't know what to expect. So I guess I would have a few questions that maybe some people can answer, or give their opinion on! Also, I am going with a friend, the buddy system never fails!


1. What songs will be played? Older stuff, newer stuff, the most popular singles?


2. What can I expect from the crowd? I actually have no idea what the venue looks like, and since this is, or at least WAS a punk rock band, am I gonna have to fend for my life in a mosh-pit or something?


3. What should I look for? Should I pay attention to the singer most of the time, or maybe focus my attention on a sweet guitar solo, or should I should listen to the music and make sure I am not gonna get tramped on by everyone else?


4. They are also touring with another band (Killswitch Engage), what should I be aware of this? Should I just ignore them and wait for who I came for? 


5. Any other good advice! I will make sure to wear my band shirt and support my favorite artists!

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Get close enough the band can spit on ya it will be more memorable.  I wasn't paying attention the first concert I went to and the mosh pit formed around me lol im skinny so I bounced around like a ping pong ball.  I drink just enough to stay hydrated and not enough to have to pee.  I wouldnt wait for your band if you wanna get close hop up during an opening band and stick to that spot alot of people swarm the place once the main band appears at the concerts I went to.  Of course if you are going to be intoxicated none of that will probably matter anyway.

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A band will normally want to play most of there newest material. That stuff is the most fun for them. They usually get the new stuff out of the way first, then they'll go into popular songs from previous CDs once the crowd is warmed up. 


As far as positioning yourself and The Pit goes, a pit usually opens up in the center of the floor. Sometimes it is up close to the stage and sometimes its farther back, but the sides are much safer than the middle. There will definitely be a pit for Killswitch Engage. If they are playing before Rise Against you'll have time to see where the pit will be during the next set. Since it's your favorite band go for it and get as close as you want. The shows are always more exciting that way. There are no manners up front, pushing and shoving is the name of the game... don't be shy! After the end of the set you might get a pick from the guitarist or a paper with the set list. Ask the roadie, they are usually cool about it.


If you need to pee, trying to do it in between sets is a pain, so get that taken care of early.


I wish I had used ear plugs at most of the concerts I went to (I wear them now). You should bring a pair with you. Even if you don't wear them you'll have the option in case the music is too loud for your eardrums. I have a friend who suffered permanent hearing damage from a concert, so better safe than sorry. Spending $2 on a pair of earplugs is worth not being deaf for the rest of your life.



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