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  1. Explosions In The Sky (2 songs available) Russian Circles (no songs on here to play. But they are tops as far as post rock goes. Definitely check them out) Pelican (2 songs available)
  2. A band will normally want to play most of there newest material. That stuff is the most fun for them. They usually get the new stuff out of the way first, then they'll go into popular songs from previous CDs once the crowd is warmed up. As far as positioning yourself and The Pit goes, a pit usually opens up in the center of the floor. Sometimes it is up close to the stage and sometimes its farther back, but the sides are much safer than the middle. There will definitely be a pit for Killswitch Engage. If they are playing before Rise Against you'll have time to see where the pit will be during the next set. Since it's your favorite band go for it and get as close as you want. The shows are always more exciting that way. There are no manners up front, pushing and shoving is the name of the game... don't be shy! After the end of the set you might get a pick from the guitarist or a paper with the set list. Ask the roadie, they are usually cool about it. If you need to pee, trying to do it in between sets is a pain, so get that taken care of early. I wish I had used ear plugs at most of the concerts I went to (I wear them now). You should bring a pair with you. Even if you don't wear them you'll have the option in case the music is too loud for your eardrums. I have a friend who suffered permanent hearing damage from a concert, so better safe than sorry. Spending $2 on a pair of earplugs is worth not being deaf for the rest of your life. ENJOY YOUR FIRST SHOW!!!
  3. Trixter was opening up when that tour came here to Miami, FL.
  4. I've just started learning the bass as well. Some of those 80's songs are turning out to be a lot more fun on bass than I would've ever guessed. Right now "Whip It", "Take On Me" and "Balls To The Wall" are all making me smile every time I play them.
  5. If you like high energy music, the composer Paganini would be kind of like the "violin speed metal" of classical music.
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