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Intro Sequence for RS 2014



So I was just wondering if there was anybody who came up with a way to skip the intro sequence to RS 2014. (the one that plays right when you launch the game) I know its not really a huge deal, but I've been testing a lot of songs and coming back here and looking up more songs...I'm in and out of Rocksmith a lot and to be honest, that intro sequence is starting to piss me off!!! It takes too long and there's no way to skip it!


If you know how to skip it I would be very grateful if you shared  :-P



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I think there was a thread on SA about changing the background images in the intro/title screens, but AFAIK it wouldn't be possible to skip it entirely w/o modifying the game, which would probably be too close to 'cracking' & thus not be allowed for discussion here.


Apparently you can go in & out of the in-game shop to re-enumerate the DLC list, but I haven't tested this myself since some Steam option needs to be set (and w/ RS running my computer is so slow that everything else is useless anyway). I've tried just esc-quitting back to the title screen & restarting over from the uplay/profile select, but that usually just hangs the game when I re-select a DLC I've just modified. :(

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I spent hours trying to do it, it's very embedded across many packed and compressed files and is part of a intro sequence that intermingles the images with actual game setup.. so if you removed an image/video then it wouldn't activate the realtone cable, or the menu's wouldn't come up... it requires someone with real game development using GFX actionscript skills. last I remember someone who did know actionscript didn't think it was going to be easy.


I was successfully able to replace the video's with other videos, but even though they were shorter video's the intro sequence still took the same time, so I guess there's a timed schedule of events that dictate the intro length and it's not driven off the video's ending.




here's some of my findings if anyone wants to take a crack at it:

So here's some information on my investigation.it is confirmed it's the "cache.psarc" file inside it there is the file "cache4.7z" inside that you need to navigate to "gfxassetsviews" and you will find the entire intro sequence. there are two file types in there.DDS - these are the video's, you can replace them with any DDS (I tried with the smallest file I could find it's in the "cache8.7z" file under "gfxassetslibsblackbox.png.dds" it's only 144 bytes)GFX - Only one file called introsequence.gfx" and this appears to be the director of the intro sequence - somehow this needs to be edited as this is what plays the intro music, loads the program and plays the intro video's. it appears this has timing in it, so even with the shorter video's it still waits the same length of time for the video's to complete. the GFX file is not a simple notepad++ editable file. so this is where my skills end.  I did try dropping a few other GFX files in there and the game won't load.I believe our only hope of shortening the intro is to figure out the "introsequence.gfx" file.Doing a quick Google of GFX editors and it appears there are applications out there that can do this and references to other games with YouTube tutorials on how to modify the GFX file to change the HUD or other things... so it looks possible if someone with skills wants to give it a shot.
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  • Developer

Instead of a static message like "Please wait while the game loads ...",  the RS Development Team has given us some nice game intro screens to watch while the core program is loading. A new tool has been added to CSC Toolkit under the Inlay Creator tab and it is now possible to substitute your own images for the game intro screens. 


Details, help and tutorials can be found at: goo.gl/jREeJF

Are you tired of AV False Positives???  Now accepting donations on my website (Click Here)  Your donation will be used towards buying a code signing certificate.   CGT is now compatible and safe to use with Rocksmith® 2014 Remastered ... 


Latest Build of Custom Game Toolkit (CGT) w/ Game Save Gigbox       Latest Build of Rocksmith Toolkit       Latest Build of Customs Forge Song Manager (CFSM)


All bug reports and help requests please include your: OS, CPU, AV, .NET Framework versions along with a description of the issue (include screenshots of error if possible).  It should go without having to say ... make sure you are using the latest build before submitting bug reports or asking for help.


*  Remember to use your magic words (please and thank you) if you would like a response.  Don't use phrases like 'thanks anyhow' as it is demeaning.

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