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Rocksmith with an Acoustic-Electric Guitar



I have enjoyed Rocksmith very much for a while, so much so that I bought a bass guitar last year to play the bass tracks (well worth the $200).  Up until yesterday, I used my electric guitar for both the lead and rhythm tracks.  I had thought about using my acoustic-electric (acoustic guitar with 1/4" jack output) to play the rhythm tracks but the posts from people here who tried Rocksmith with acoustics seemed to be only moderately successful and not worth the effort.


Yesterday I plugged in my acoustic-electric (Taylor, with Expression System electronics) and gave Rocksmith a whirl.  I did the following - maxed out the Rocksmith input gain setting, turned off the Taylor guitar body sensor (leaving only the Taylor string sensor), and turned the Rocksmith guitar output down to 0% (the sound from my guitar was loud enough by itself).


Wow, was I impressed!  The notes seemed to be picked up perfectly by Rocksmith for both chords or individual notes.  The feeling/sound of playing an actual acoustic to a rhythm track was 100% better than playing a simulated acoustic.  It was also nice to have more fretboard space to do fingerpicking and chord work.  I can't believe I didn't try this sooner.  My scores with the acoustic were generally higher than my scores for the same tracks with the electric.


So, if you have a decent quality acoustic-electric guitar, give it a try.

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I also first played RS with an electric, but since getting an archtop/semi hollow body guitar and a acoustic electric I hardly every go back to the electric(except maybe late at night when I don't want to annoy the neighbours)


I don't take alot of notice of the score's, I mainly focus on how the song sounds.

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Good for you! It seems to be somewhat a matter of luck between guitars.My flatmate has an electro-acoustic and we just couldn't get it working properly no matter what settings we used in game or with the guitar. It just refused to register the notes correctly and it would take a long time to just get past the tuner.


But good thing is, you can always set the volume to 0 and just play acoustically. Doesn't matter if you get 0 score, it's still nice.

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Just a heads up I want to let you know we're adding tags for CDLC to be tagged with 'acoustic' so this should help you out as well :)

I'm glad it works and i'm interested in getting one soon.

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