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Winter gloves for guitar players


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Winter is cold so it's recommended to put on gloves to protect your hands when you go outside. However, most gloves are bad quality and damage your fingers. I'm looking for a good-quality winter gloves that keep your hands warm and do not make things worse. Should the material be smooth inside? Are leather gloves better?


Most shops in city centers AKA retail parks sell low-quality clothes for high price. The only difference from cheap equivalents is a popular brand name. I prefer high quality, not fashionable brands.


If you (learn to) play guitar...


Look at your fingers. You will notice string imprints. Perhaps, your fingertips are ragged. When you touch harsh materials, your skin (peeling) gets worse. You damage your fingertips and touched objects.

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Just a suggestion, but I think you might need to look at taking better care of your hands and skin.  I play guitar on average for 2-3 hours a day, and I don't have any string imprints in my fingers.  I have nice thick calluses.  They don't peel, and gloves have no effect on my fingers.


If the skin on your fingers is peeling and/or cracking, chances are your skin is too dry.

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Definitely mitts... just ones large enough to fit a human. :P   


When your fingers all together, they can share the warmth.  If you happen to be a smoker, or you need the dexterity of a single finger from time to time, there are gloves that have a fold-back mitten pouch to cover your fingers with.  I find them good for when I need the warmth outside, but then want to feel my skin on the steering wheel of my car, or need to flip another driver the bird!  ;)


And I have to agree with @@Wepeel, it sounds like you need to moisturize; especially in the winter when the air can be very dry.

Keep smiling. It makes people wonder what you've been up to.

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These keep me warm up here in the North! :D

Seriously though, you don't need to worry. Getting your hands a little cold isn't dangerous. (Unless it gets extremely cold, like frostbite.) But do let your fingers warm up before you start playing, obviously.

Any gloves should do, but as Tysylio said, mittens tend to be warmer.

Losing a little skin from the fingertips by playing isn't dangerous either. It's just the outer layers. (Unless you have some skin condition and you're bleeding or something.) Keep playing actively and the skin stays hard, stop playing for a week or two and it softens again, leaving string prints and peeling off. It's normal.




May I suggest Kitten Mittens.

Or how about Doggie Mittens?

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