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Tone switching



Okay, so I've been getting into creating cdlcs lately, so far, everytime I tried to do something I luckily end up learning more things about creating cdlcs (mostly EoF), so I've been trying figure out how to do the whole automatic tone switching, first of all, when I set it in EoF, do I have to use the same name as the tones I save for that particular cdlc in the tone designer or on the toolkit? and whether or not it is, am I limited by 4 tones per instrument/arrangement?

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Actually, I ran into another problem about tone switching, it seems to fail, even though I locked the tone changing settings to prevent failing in the toolkit, and I have the same name as the ones from the xml's generated by EoF, which were actually imported from it, but after I adjust everything and generated the cdlc, it seems to turn to the default, clean guitar tone at the first tone switch in the cdlc, using riffrepeater or restarting the song and going to sections with different tones, including the very first one before it failed, doesn't seem to work, only exiting it, going back to the song list and then going back in fixes it, but it fails at the same, first tone switch, everytime.

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Okay, here they are.

P.S.: Thanksies in advancies for thine awesome helpful looksies. xD

audio file: http://www.mediafire.com/listen/d29d5c7g1c5c4na/Ich_tu_dir_weh.wem

dlc template: http://www.mediafire.com/view/ow2uutt7x9uzn54/Rammstein_Ich-Tu-Dir-Weh_RS2014.dlc.xml

Rhythm guitar arrangement: http://www.mediafire.com/view/o4tadp87yyd7xr8/PART_REAL_GUITAR_22_RS2.xml

Bass guitar arrangement: http://www.mediafire.com/view/b4ic64o7scqe4aq/PART_REAL_BASS_RS2.xml

Lead guitar arrangement: http://www.mediafire.com/view/w5ayixujz9y9y2m/PART_REAL_GUITAR_RS2.xml



(Note: the bass has no tone changes but I included it's XML as well just in case)

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The tone changes in EoF are not imported when importing the XML file. Can you upload the .eof file too?


From the template I do see something that could be causing it: the tone names in the main window of the toolkit, and when you click on Edit (edit the arrangement), do not match:




You can simply fix that by enabling tone slot changes and changing the bass tone. One other possibility is that the game might not like periods in tone names (Or i could just pulling this out of my ass).

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