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Rocksmith 2014 Championship Week 17


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The Rules:
(Credit to the Ubi Forums for some Ideas!):
1. Anyone may join the contest as long as he's a forum member.
2. You can play "Score Attack" On Hard or "Learn a Song" with all sections mastered (all purple):
  2.1 There are three classes: Beginner, Intermediate and Masterclass.
  2.2 If you enter to the contest the first time, you choose your class.
  2.3 You are then leveled automatically as follows: 3x =>90% (3 weeks in a row) or 1x 98% qualifies you for the next class. If you score <=79% on a level two weeks in a row you are leveled down one class.
  2.4 Both instruments are leveled separately. You may not choose to play a higher or lower class.
  2.5 You may only enter in one class per arrangement.
3. You may participate in all available arrangements
4. One Song is chosen for all Instruments and classes
5. Every Saturday new songs are chosen. From all participants of a class, one is chosen at random by Kaijn or fron.
  5.1 Every member should put the song he/she would choose in the Song Selection List
  5.2 Only 1 song per class will be selected and only custom DLC's with at least 1 arrangement for guitar and 1 arrangement for bass are allowed.
  5.3 You only need to change the song in the list if you are selected. If not, you can keep the same choice, or choose another, it's up to each one of you.
  5.4 On Saturday, if your name is picked and you didn't entered any song in the Song Selection List, another member will be chosen.
6. Starting with the publication of the songs, you may enter your score.
7. The scores are entered in the corresponding google doc: Leaderboard
Kaijin take care of entering the scores.
8. You may post a screenshot to prove your score but you don't have to. If another competitor doubts the score you have to prove it with a screenshot. Otherwise your score is deleted.
9. Ranking is done by percentage first, then by Longest Streak.
  9.1 If you play LAS (Learn a Song), you percentage will be always, xx.00%, if you prefer SA (Score Attack), your percentage will always be xx.xx%.
10. You may submit mastermode scores, but these won't be judged for the contest. Although the best masterscore will be honored separately.
11. When you choose a custom song please specify the guitar arrangement you want to play.
  11.1 You may choose any song for your class as long as it's provided on the forums and has at least 1 arrangement for each instrument.
  11.2 Every song is up for discussion until Sunday around 23:00 UTC. If you think a song is to hard, please let us know in the thread, so we may discuss it.
  11.3 After Sunday 23:00 the songs are set and are not allowed to change.
12. The contest closes the next Saturday around 18:00 UTC
13. The winners are announced in the OP of the corresponding week's thread.
14. Rules may change without notice. So watch out.


Beginner: Reeko
Intermediate: Europe - Cherokee | NDD Version
Masterclass: Led Zeppelin - Stairway to Heaven | NDD Verion

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I hope we can continue the Championship here, in the same manner we did on Smithy's.


The links to the songs will be updated when the customs migration is more advanced.

There might be some changes to be made/adjusted, but we'll correct any thing that might be wrong as we play the CS, as we have always done.



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Great to see this post I almost had a heart attack this morning when i saw it taken down @ SA. Great to see you here kaijin.

 Great to see you too Krazyone :D I'm trying to contact all the members from the CS, to join us here, if you could tell those who you might have on steam or the email, I would appreciate, since I don't have the contacts of everybody. Thanks

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Wow Kaijin that was fast.. the other site (wich we should not mention here) was shut down just a few hours ago..


Well, you have to thank to the admins of this board. They are doing an amazing job. Since this morning the forum has been changed a lot for the better, and I'm sure it will continue to improve.


And we have our place to keep our championship "alive" :-D

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Kaijin if you need help with anything championship related you can count on me. I could help update the scores or whatever is needed. 

Thanks Krazyone, I accept your help gladly. I just need your email to add you as editor on the spreadsheet.


I think we have each other on Steam, if not, add me "djkaijin" and you can give me your email through the steam chat :)

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