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How do I play this part (Any Means Necessary Solo)



Basically I don't know how to play this part in the solo of Any Means Necessary by Hammerfall. It doesn't seem feasible to me to sustain 3 hammer-ons on two different frets from one note, but that's how it looks from the shown tab.


Second problem/question: When I just pick those (hammer-on) notes normally it doesn't sound as "full" as in the song, it sounds as if there is two-hand picking at the part in the song or something, it just sounds as if there are more notes being played there. 


Could someone clear this up for me? Am I hearing it wrong? How can I properly play this? I posted two pictures from the part in question and a Youtube link.


Solo starts at 2 minutes, part I'm talking about starts at 2:23 minutes. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=jBbFLn6llYg#t=143



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It looks like that you might be at a lower difficulty and all the notes aren't showing. The reason it shows up as a hammer on is because DDC doesn't remove those attributes from notes when adding the difficulties.


If you want to play it and make it sound good, you might have to turn up the difficulty in Riff Repeater (Space Bar while mid-song).

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Until chlipouni gets back you might try just playing it and adding in an e15 before the hammer ons at e17 and e18 to see if it sounds right and pick ups the notes. The game won't normally care if you throw in an extra note or two once in awhile from what I've seen.

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